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7 ideas to surprise your partner and ask for marriage at Christmas time

The bride and groom can get more romantic at Christmas because the holiday brings different images, also closely linked to the family. Why not take advantage of this date to propose to your girlfriend with the addition of Christmas magic?

Christmas is a time that awakens sensations, nostalgia and magical moments. The streets are lined with giant trees, announcing the arrival of Santa Claus to the joy of children. The summer of sun and heat also adds a special attraction, more relaxed and relaxed. Brides and grooms who think of Christmas as an optimal time to propose marriage, check out these proposals full of charm, sweetness and color.

1- The tree ornament

When setting up the Christmas tree, the idea is to hang a decorative ball with the ring. Remember to place it at eye level and, with some pretext, you could ask her to come closer to give it the finishing touches. It will be the moment of surprise. Another simpler way is to hang the ring from a branch of the tree with a ribbon on Christmas Eve, cover her eyes and have her open them when she is in front of it.

2- On the toast glass

If your intention is to make a proposal at Christmas Eve dinner, in front of their loved ones, at the time of the toast, when they are distributing the glasses with sparkling wine, place the ring inside hers and, when she receives it and sees it inside between the bubbles, you propose marriage. The family can be an accomplice of the message or a witness of the surprise.

3- The game of infinite boxes

In the best style of Russian dolls or mamuschkas, a little box inside another until you reach the final treasure is another option to deliver the engagement ring. Mix the infinite box with the rest of the gifts and when Santa Claus arrives or the gifts are handed out, you can ask him the big question in front of everyone and surprise him in a unique and unexpected way.

4- A bouquet of jasmines

It is common to set up Christmas centerpieces with jasmine bouquets bought in the streets. It is a frequent image in Uruguayan families. A nice option is to buy a bouquet of sweet-smelling jasmine and place the engagement ring attached to a string that takes the stems. Jasmine symbolizes beauty and all its meanings are linked to love. That is why they are also worn in bridal bouquets.

5- Traditional Panettone

Among the Christmas Eve desserts, you can place the ring in a mini panettone dedicated to the bride. After dinner, everyone will be more cheerful, waiting for 12 o’clock to toast and go out to celebrate. You can do it on Christmas Eve or wait until the 25th and choose the best moment in public or private to make the classic marriage proposal with the sweet taste of traditional bread.

6- Christmas cookies

Christmas around the world made these cookies a custom in many places. Shortbread cookies are delicious and make the whole family happy. You can prepare some individual bags to give to the family, and inside the bag of your girlfriend, place the engagement ring with a little card asking her if she wants to get married.

7- Among the new resolutions

A propitious time to talk about new projects for the coming year is this last week of the year, when the mood is lightened to evaluate the things that have happened during the year and make a kind of balance. Your proposal can be included among these new resolutions. You will have to find a way to include the proposal in the middle of a nostalgic and romantic chat.