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Azul Talavera Hotel opens its doors in Puebla

Puebla is the main tourist destination without beach in Mexico. This beautiful city has a very rich gastronomy, craft markets and a stunning selection of monuments, making it a perfect destination for your next holidays. Thankfully, people wanting to visit Puebla can now rejoice; the famous hotel Rosewood Puebla has recently reopened its doors under the name Azul Talavera Hotel, which means that you will be able to spend your Puebla visit in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. 

Different name, same quality standards

Rosewood Puebla Hotel may have changed recently its name to Azul Talavera Hotel, but there is something in this hotel that has certainly not changed: the high standards this hotel meets. When it comes to Puebla luxury hotels, this hotel has proven to be on the top in terms of comfort and the services provided to their customers. 

Rosewood Puebla opened its doors back in 2017, and ever since, it has been a referent for the tourist industry. Since its aperture, this hotel has count with an excellent team of professionals whose sole purpose is to make their visitors have the best experience possible. 

This hotel has a very rich history. It was made up using three stunning antique buildings on the charming neighborhood of San Francisco, right at downtown Puebla. This neighborhood has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. When the hotel was built, the objective of the owners was to preserve the magical and historical feeling of these buildings, hence why the hotel guest rooms  are decorated with traditional Mexican ornaments that reflect the history of the country. 

Since the 19th of December 2019, the hotel was rebranded into Azul Talavera Hotel. However, it is still the same hotel at its core. This hotel always puts the necessities of the customers first, so its transition did not need any downtime that could affect either the customers or the previously scheduled events. The hotel has also kept the same team of experienced professionals, so this transition does not mean a lost of jobs or a lower quality of the customer service.

The best bars and restaurants within one place

For a gourmet, the food is a key factor in any travel. If you want to experience unique flavours in one of the most renown restaurants in the world, then you can not miss the restaurant Pasquinel Bistrot. Pasquinel Bistrot is probably one of the best gourmet restaurants in Puebla Mexico. This restaurant is located in the luxurious Azul Talavera Hotel, right next to the main Lobby in Patio Verde. The restaurant is managed by the prestigious chef Jonathan Alvarado, one of the chefs with the biggest expertise in Mexican cuisine in the country. Pasquinel Bistrot mixes local mexican ingredients with European influences, which results in creative and unique dishes. 

If we want to have a couple drinks after our meal, in Azul Talavera Hotel we can also find two bars, the one located in the Rooftop and the Bar los Lavaderos. Or if having drinks is not really your thing, you can enjoy yourself in the coozy hotel’s coffee shop

Celebrate your big day surrounded by professionals

Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect. If you want to get married in a place as beautiful as Puebla, then you should definitely check out Azul Talavera Hotel. This hotel is, without a doubt, a referent for Puebla weddings

The hotel counts with some of the most stunning avenues for your wedding, such as Patio Azul, Trinitarias Garden or Zaragoza Ballroom. These locations look like straight out of a dream, which makes them the perfect locations for the most important day in the couple’s life. 

Azul Talavera Hotel also counts with a service full of expert wedding professionals. These professionals will make sure to coordinate everything for your wedding, from the arrangements, to the catering or the contracting of the floral designers or photographers. All you need to do is to sit in the Bridal Spa & Beauty and relax knowing you are on the best hands.