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Baby Diana or little Arthur? The bets on the new offspring of the British royal family

What will Prince Henry and his wife Meghan call their son? Before the final stage of the exact pregnancy, there are bets on the sex, weight, date and place of birth of the baby.

In the picture, the Duchess of Sussex and Prince William on a visit to Rabat, Morocco, February 25, 2019. Facundo Arrizabalaga/Pool via REUTERS/
One of the most popular bets is that of the name. If it’s a boy, Arthur heads the William Hill betting house, but if it’s a girl, many expect the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to pay tribute to Henry’s late mother, known as “Harry” in the UK.

“Diana (is) the favorite by 10/1, there are no big surprises there,” said Rupert Adams, William Hill’s spokesman. “But recently there has been a Victoria upturn too, with 10/1, (people) really like it.

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson and his American wife, who married last May, announced in October that they were expecting their first child this spring.

In January, Meghan said she was six months pregnant and added that the couple did not know the sex of the baby.

William Hill’s odds were 8/11 for a girl and couples’ odds (the benefit would be equal to the investment, so investing a pound would receive two) for a boy earlier this week. At Betfair, the odds are higher for a girl, and the favorite name is Diana at 5:1, according to Betfair’s director of media relations, Katie Baylis.

Baylis points out that another possibility is Alice, a name that was speculated when Prince William and his wife Kate were expecting their third child last year. Kate (also known as “Catalina” in Spanish) finally gave birth to a child, Prince Louis.

“Gamblers believe that at some point there will be an Alice in the royal family, so we’ve also seen a lot of interest in that name,” she said.

Henry’s grandfather’s mother, Prince Philip, was named Alice.

Betfair gives 8/1 odds for Arthur. Alicia, Victoria, Gracia (Grace), Santiago (James) and Eduardo (Edward) all have 14/1. Diana and Arturo are also among the favorites of other bookmakers.

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