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Brenton Tarrant, the coach who hated Muslims.

Three people remain detained in connection with Friday’s double attack on two mosques in Christchurch (New Zealand), in which 49 people have perished according to the provisional balance sheet. The New Zealand police have not revealed their identity, although they have published that one of them is an individual of “almost thirty years” and will appear before the courts on Saturday. The Australian Prime Minister has revealed that one of the detainees, an attacker on the Al Noor mosque, is Australian.

One of the authors has broadcast live on Facebook the previous moments and the development of the attack inside one of the mosques. The video has helped Australian police sources identify him as Brenton Tarrant. The social network account from which the live video was broadcast bore a name similar to a Twitter account in which the alleged author had uploaded a racist manifesto, according to AFP, and which, at the behest of the police, has also been erased.

According to ABC, Tarrant had worked as a personal trainer at a gym in Grafton, New South Wales, between 2009 and 2011. She wanted to save money for a long trip around Asia and Europe, according to the gym’s director, Tracey Gray. ABC has collected photographs of the Australian showing him on trips in North Korea and, in 2018, in Pakistan. Gray recalls working on the free training programs for children and telling her she had made money by investing in Bitconnect, a crypto currency. He wanted to use it to finance his journey abroad, which, according to the New Zealand Herald, took him seven years.

The social network Twitter has suspended the account @brentontarrant, in which the alleged author had uploaded the link to a self-proclaimed “manifesto” of more than 70 pages. It was a text plagued with Islamophobic references in which it was defined as “kebab eliminator”. The author begins his writing by stating that he is an “ordinary white man, 28 years old, born in Australia, of working class and low income family”. On the first page of the text, entitled “The Great Replacement”, he seeks to justify the action as “revenge” against what he understood to have been “hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by foreign invaders in Europe throughout history”. The author claims that his parents had Scottish, Irish and English ancestors.

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