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Carbohydrates: why they’re needed

What nutrients do carbohydrates give us?
Cereals are rich in starchy carbohydrates, a basic energy nutrient for our body. They are also a good source of B vitamins such as B1, B2 and B3. They contain phosphorus, potassium and small amounts of iron, magnesium, zinc or copper. They are foods that contain little fat except corn, millet or oats, and are an important source of vegetable protein if we eat them along with legumes or nuts.

What exactly is whole grain?
The grain of a cereal consists of three parts: bran, germ and endosperm. A whole grain is considered to be a cereal that preserves all three parts:

Endosperm: this is the part of the ground grain used to make white or refined flour.
Germ: the embryo from which a plant develops. It is present in cereal flour when it is wholemeal, but it is not in flour when it is refined. It is characterized by being the part of the cereal with the highest fat content.
Bran: is the outer layer that has the cereal. This layer protects the seed and is characterized by being very rich in fiber.
How to increase the consumption of cereals in daily life
You can have whole wheat toast instead of white bread or flour toast. We can make sandwiches with wholemeal breads, change white flour for wholemeal when making preparations such as batter or bechameles, substitute rice and white pasta for wholemeal rice and pasta. When we buy cereals, we should always choose those that have the whole grain to a greater extent.

Is it true that carbohydrates are very fat?
It is an unjustified fame. The recommendations state that food intake should be between 45% and 60% of total energy, i.e. kilocalories in the diet. Foods rich in carbohydrates should be the basis for main meals. It should also be borne in mind that rations must be higher or lower depending on age.

Tips for cooking pasta and rice
Pasta and rice dishes occupy an important place as first courses or garnishes, while fresh vegetables are usually ingredients of other dishes. The cooking time depends on the type of cereal or derivative, being greater in those who are whole grain than in refined. Cooking usually produces a gelification of the starches and this facilitates digestion. If we cook rice and pasta al dente, the absorption of carbohydrates normally slows down.

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