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Celebrating the perfect event

Special occasions often require big celebrations. Some events like the celebration party for the launch of one of our new products can impact significantly our future sales, while others, like our wedding celebration, are once in a life experiences that we all want to be perfect. Thankfully, there are professional event organizing companies like The Shop Production to assist us all along the process of coordinating our events and ensure us that everything runs out smoothly.

Trusting only the best professionals in the sector

Events are a key part of our lives. It does not matter if it is on a small event like a birthday party or a big one like a music festival, the purpose of events is to bring joy and happiness to people’s life. They bring us the perfect occasion to get away from our daily routines and enjoy something special for a while. That is why we all want our events to be just perfect, although this is not always easy to achieve. Thankfully, you can ask for the assistance of a event organizer Barcelona. Event organizers are professionals whose sole work is to plan every small detail regarding your event, ensuring that your celebration looks just like how you had pictured it in your mind. They cover every aspect regarding events, no matter their size: the publicity so your event can reach their target audience, the transport of the guests, hiring the catering service, managing the lodging for your guests or the people working at the event, etc. 

When it comes to events, there are so many things at stake. That is why you always need to hire only the best professionals at event organizations. If there is a company that has stand out on the event sector over the last years for the satisfaction of their clients and their professionality, it is The Shop Production. Based on Ibiza and Barcelona, The Shop Productions has over 20 years of expertise behind their backs on events of all sizes. This company prides themselves on the originality of their projects and the attention their professionals pay to even the smallest detail. With The Shop Productions, your satisfaction will always be the top priority, with a team of professionals that will look out to make your event perfect for you and your guests. 

Opting out for The Shop Productions will seem like the smarter option once you take a look to the company’s portfolio. All the years of working in the sector has granted this company a worldwide portfolio of stunning corporate and private events. The passion this company puts on even the smallest detail has granted it many industry awards, and they will work just as hard for your event too.

One of the perks of The Shop Productions is that they work worldwide. It does not matter where you want your dream event to happen, The Shop Productions will make sure it becomes a reality

Events in which The Shop Productions are experts at

In The Shop Productions you will find a professional team that will assist you in any sort of event you could imagine. The main type of events this company specializes on include:

Private events

In The Shop Productions you will be able to find a team of experts at managing your private events planning Barcelona. It does not matter the location or the type of occasion, The Shop Productions will ensure that your private event runs out smoothly. This company will plan everything out for you up to the smallest detail, it does not matter if it is a private party or a birthday celebration for a family member, including costumes, props, special effects, light and sound systems, artists performances, catering, invitations, etc. All you need is to sit and relax enjoying this special occasion with your loved ones. 

Corporate events

Leading brands have really high standards regarding events, and in The Shop Productions they are perfectly aware of it. Their years of expertise in the sector has make them the best option for this sort of events. This company will work hand in hand with your internal teams to ensure you get the perfect event. The flexibility and adaptability of this company has will help them overcome any possible unpredictable problem that could come up on such a big scale operation. 


Our wedding is supposed to be the happiest day in our life, hence why all of us want out celebration to be simply perfect, just like in our dreams. The event management team at The Shop Productions will make sure to plan all the arrangements regarding to the ceremony and the following party ends up being matchless. In The Shop Productions they are aware of the importance of this big day and will not tolerate anything that could taint such an special celebration. The company will manage everything out for you, including audio-visual provisions, handcrafted props, decoration, performances, catering, ceremonials, etc.

International events

Although The Shop Productions is located in Ibiza and Barcelona, they work globally. They manage a strong team of international suppliers all across the world, meaning that they can recreate your perfect event anywhere, all without lowering their high quality standards. It does not matter where you want your event to take place, on The Shop Productions they have you covered.

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events)

MICE usually require a wide-range of logistical, creative and technical supplies in order to support the staging of this sort of events. Thankfully, The Shop Productions are able to supply all of these while coordinating multiple services to make your MICE stand up to the higher professional standards.

Festivals and Music Events

Music events and festivals need to meet a lot of requirements in order to be a big success. The team at The Shop Productions have access to a wide inventory that includes video, high quality audio and lightning equipment, all managed by a professional team of technicians and operators. The Shop Productions will also grant you direct access to multiple leading artists, bands and DJs.