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Did you know it’s possible to customize your boxing equipment?

Today companies have managed to further customize their purchasing process, allowing users to choose the designs, models and colors of their clothing for boxing. In this way it is possible to get a personalized equipment to carry out this sport.

Customization within one click

Thanks to the internet there are dozens of selling platforms that allow you to have your personalised boxing equipment, this happens through a type of technology that allows users to design their equipment in an easy, fast and affordable way, from boxer shorts, Muay Thai and also gloves, robes, pads, among others.

In the same way users who enter one of these sites tend to be able to find different sports styles used by big boxing stars such as Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather or Roy Jones Jr.

Having a personalized equipment is quite important, since this will not only make you look good, but you will feel it too. This will improve your performance during your workouts or competitions.

Within the different options you can choose from, there are several vibrant colors, in addition to different styles of fabric and only accessing online.

Gloves with your own style

Similarly, with the use of this technology, you can easily have boxing gloves.

You will be able to count with quality materials, such as full leather or synthetic, whether in matt or bright tones, and you will be able to combine them with the rest of the boxing team.

You can find gloves in different sizes, both for children and adults, being perfect for training and fighting.

The customization of the gloves allows embroidery to be added to them, as well as logos, names printed in the colors you choose and in three different areas of the glove: on its top, on the bottom or on the wrist.

You can choose from three different styles of gloves, including velcro closure, flat wrist laces or wrist only. The fonts they use include different styles like Berlin, Arial, Brush and Franklin.

Types of gloves

Gloves for competitions

Competition gloves are more personalized, small and compact than any other gloves. It is very important that the competition gloves adapt to the athlete’s hand.

Training gloves

As its name suggests, they are gloves used to perform different exercises during training sessions. The gloves are therefore more standard.

Its design is created for sparring activities (training with another boxer or assistant who takes the punches) or exercises with sacks, etc. It’s a must for every boxer.

To differentiate them from professional gloves, we can notice that the training gloves have a velcro that helps the glove fit the boxer’s wrist, while the professional gloves have a ribbon.

The training gloves wear that velcro instead of the tape so it’s easier to take them off and be able to do different activities.

Gloves for the sack

The aim of these gloves is for the athlete to reach the final goals of the training and to perfect the technique.

They are used to practice punches and movements with the punching bag, so it is advisable to also have one of these. They have a padding to cushion blows and injuries due to the hardness of the material from which the punching bag is filled.

Don’t forget to customize your boxer shorts

You will also have at your disposal the possibility to have custom boxing shorts, quickly and easily. You can choose a template from the different styles available and then start the design process.

Most of the templates they offer are based on the styles that professional boxers use, such as Floyd Mayweather and others.

Similarly, if you prefer a more classic style, you can also choose a template like that. But instead, if you want more variety of designs, you can find them in the ‘All Mayweather’ or ‘A Star Quality’ templates.

All shorts can be customized using your name or any graphics you want, in addition to placing any detail you want, in different materials and tones, being possible to find near 150 options to choose from.

This way you can have your shorts custom tailored and be able to wear your own style in practice or in the ring, consulting also the sizes so that the outcome is perfect for you and offers you the comfort you need in every moment.

For training and boxing matches it is necessary to have clothes that can differentiate you from the rest and show your own style, in addition to being made with quality materials.

So you can access these platforms and get your own style clothing so you can shine when you get in the ring.