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Discover Jamaica in a fun interactive way

During the last decade, Jamaica has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This paradisiacal island receives the visit of over 5.5 million tourists each year, and there is no wonder why. This breathtaking Caribbean island is the perfect mixture of breathtaking beaches, rich ecosystems and welcoming people. But if you want to discover Jamaica and connect with nature uniquely, then there is a place you need to visit during your  travel: Yaaman Adventure Park.

Connect with nature

When we think about the perfect holidays, we all imagine ourselves chilling in a white sand Caribbean beach with clear waters. But what if we could add a pinch of action to this vision? If you want to discover all the beauty Jamaica has to offer while creating unique memories by interacting with nature, then you can not miss Yaaman Adventure Park.

Located in the touristic area of Ocho Rios, Yaaman Adventure Park offers its visitors the opportunity of discovering the local flora and fauna in a set of unique activities you will not be able to find anywhere else on the island. They offer a big variety of tours in Ocho Rios so you can immerse yourself in Jamaican culture while living an exciting world of adventures.

Previously known as Prospect Plantation, Yaaman Adventure Park is an 18th Century Estate agricultural property full of culture sceneries and rich history. On its installations you will be able to experience Jamaica to its fullest potential, with activities that will please all members of the family regardless of their age

A wide catalogue to choose from

What really differentiates Yaaman Adventure Park from other places you may have visited before, is its wide range of activities in Ocho Rios. These activities are the perfect mixture of adrenaline and nature, leaving the park visitors with unforgettable memories. The big variety of activities offered at Yaaman Adventure Park makes it the perfect destination for any kind of visitor, since it does not matter which sort of new experiences you are pursuing, this park has you covered. Among the different activities offered in the park, we can find:

Dune Buggy Ride

Discover the Jamaican jungle in an adrenaline filled mud buggy ride. At Yaaman Adventure Park, you will be able to ride your own dune buggy and explore 1000 acres of Jamaican nature. The tour features 5 Miles of lush trails, challenging climbs, breathtaking sceneries and excitement. You may get a little muddy in the process, but who cares when you are having that much fun! The tour also allows you to purchase photographs to remember your adventures.

Swim with dolphins

The best shore excursions in Jamaica can be found at Yaaman Adventure Park. On these excursions you will have the unique opportunity of interacting with dolphins. You will be able to swim and play with the dolphin and live the dream of hugging and kissing them. You will be able to learn so much about these gentle creatures while interacting with them.

Discovering Jamaican cuisine

If you are not into adrenaline filled adventures, then this may be one of the best options for you. At Yaaman Adventure Park’s cooking workshops, a professional Jamaican chef will introduce you to the secrets of Jamaican cuisine. Jamaican cuisine has some of the unique flavours in the world, giving you a taste of the Caribbean in every bite. And best of all, the workshop cuisine is located 1100 feet above sea level, allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking views while you learn to cook. 

Students over 10 years old can join Chef Irie in preparing a delicious Jamaican Fare, a traditional dish consisting of festival, jerk chicken and Steamed Callaloo. 

These are only a few of the options available at Yaaman Adventure Park. From jitney rides, to camel trek adventures or river tours, you will not be able to find a second to get bored at this park.