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Dvice for medium and large companies to face the year 2021

A globalized mind, openness to accept ideas and to collaborate with suppliers and clients are some of the tips given by three experts to prepare for the coming year, after a complex 2020.

Review flows and costs.

A tip to face the year 2021, and this is for all corporations, medium and large companies, as well as for high-impact startups: it is very important to constantly review the cash flow, and therefore, be very conscious of the use of resources. Keeping operational expenses in check, being efficient with respect to budget execution and keeping costs in check, that’s key.


Be open to collaborate in a radical way with competitors, suppliers and customers, looking not always for the transaction, but also for future business. Therefore, opening up to a radical collaboration with respect to how business is done is one of the mandates of a digital transformation process, collaborating even with competitors as mentioned above.

Improve the customer experience.

 It is necessary to be able to develop areas within companies, regardless of whether they are small or large, that focus on improving the user experience. There are some startups that within their staffs (when the budget allows it obviously) have a position called ‘Customer Success’, among others, which seeks to improve the customer experience, worrying about the use of the product and service correctly, to optimize it, to know their pains and problems to improve in the future the provision of that service, or even create new products and services for that same customer to make up-selling or cross-selling.

Taking advantage of uncertainty.

Undoubtedly, our current economic recession can discourage us and make us believe that nothing can improve, but these times are the best to adapt to these adverse situations and be practical with innovative bets. In that sense, our companies can be vehicles to transport all that uncertainty into a concrete solution that can bring value to the issues at stake in our era of closing cycles. Business can change the landscape and the future of many who today only see darkness. It is time for us to give them light.

Globalized mind.

With this pandemic, we realized that many issues have global implications and therefore require global solutions. It is important that we think not only in our neighborhood, city or region, but also at a national and, why not, continental level. We are highly globalized humans with the trends and discussions of this era, so the opportunity that arises in one place can easily reach another, then another, another and so on, weaving a network capable of covering the whole world.

Commitment to the environment.

Everything we propose must promote collaboration, dignity, respect, care for the environment and the quality of life of Chilean workers. If we dedicate part of our time to reflect on how business can contribute to a better world, we have already gone a long way. Adjustments to our products and services will soon have many people interested in what we propose. We will leave a mark on their lives that they will surely never forget.

Ensuring optimal wellness and energy levels.

The best description of the importance of this advice, or principle, is Oscar Wilde’s phrase: “There are people who generate happiness where they go and others when they leave”. The main role of every entrepreneur and leader is to ensure to transmit confidence, optimism and clarity to overcome the challenges of the environment, and this is sometimes perceived just by the presence of the leader. Exercising, meditating, taking breaks, planning the day, sleeping and eating well are fundamental practices.

Embodying humility, openness and learning.

Thinking initially for the year 2021, and considering it also for the next 30 years, it will be essential to be open to accept ideas, methods, processes and products different from the ones we have. Changes in all areas will be too fast and the ability to adapt will be the most valued skill in professionals at all levels, this only happens when there is humility and a willingness to learn, mainly through active listening.

Pause and preparation.

Those executives, entrepreneurs and leaders who have the ability to stop to reflect, analyze and think will have a great advantage when making good decisions and acting with precision. By pausing, they can organize their thoughts, find new possibilities, work on leveraging their resources and develop what they discover they may be lacking, and then return fully focused to the “fight”.

By pausing, they can organize their thoughts, find new possibilities, work on leveraging their resources and develop what they discover they may be lacking, and then return fully focused to the “fight”.