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Escaping into paradise

We live stressful lives loaded with work and responsibilities. It is important to take time off the year to escape and get away from everything. And nothing works better for resetting our brain than some dream holidays in the beach. Nowadays it is easier than ever to plan a escape trip into some of the most beautiful locations in the world. 

Visiting Menorca

Spain has become a popular tourist destination over the last decades. Its good weather and outgoing people make it a country full of experiences to discover. 

A place that has been increasing in popularity over the last years is the island of Menorca. Menorca is located in the mediterranean sea and its aquamarine sea waters are considered some of the most beautiful in the world. Over the last years, Menorca has been offering some remarkable spots for luxury tourism.  If you want to experience Menorca on its most relaxing mode we recommend you consulting places like They offer their clients access to some of the most exclusive villages in the island. They come with all sorts of comforts like 300 thread count Egyptian cotton linens or Jacuzzis. Choosing this traveling option would certainly allow you to just sit and relax. 

Enjoying Gibraltar to its fullest

Another place you should definitely consider for your holidays is Gibraltar. It is a British territory overseas located on the south of Spain. It is a city full of history and surrounded by a very rich nature, which includes  its Barbary macaque population, the only wild monkey population in Europe. 

The easier way to access Gibraltar is by renting a car. We recommend car hire la linea Gibraltar. They offer services that will make your travel experience as easy and pleasant as possible. They will pick you on the airport or in your hotel and deliver you to their offices free of charge. Once you get your car, you will be able to explore Gibraltar and the entire Costa del Sol freely and in an easy way. 

The town of Tarifa

Tarifa is a little town in the coast of the South of Spain. It is one of the most unique towns in Spain. If you are looking to immerse yourself in nature while enjoying a beach trip, Tarifa would be the right choice for you. Tarifa has a privileged spot near the natural park of El Estrecho. Vacation rental in Tarifa is the ideal choice for everyone due to the multiple options this town offers. It does not matter if you are looking for a rural travel, traveling to the city center or want to stay near the coast, Tarifa offers it all.

Costa Rica 

When people think about beaches, a side of their brain automatically always thinks about The Caribbean. And there is no doubt why, when you think about The Caribbean you automatically picture white sand beaches surrounded by nature, an exotic place full of magic. There is no place in The Caribbean that englobes all these qualities better than Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica is a place to connect with nature. A large part of the island is considered a Natural Park. Costa Rica takes great care of its nature, giving the visitors the whole wild feeling of visiting their rainforests. Nature meets Costa Rica shores. You can easily relax in a hammock by the beach with the palm trees right behind you, while enjoying the white sand and some of the most beautiful waters in the world

There is so much to visit and enjoy when traveling to Costa Rica. We recommend you hiring the help of experts like Locos 4 Travel Costa Rica. They have worked on Costa Rica for over ten years and know all the information you need in order to make your travel an unforgettable experience. Locos 4 Travel will make sure to assist you on your travel on Costa Rica, recommending you the best hotels to rent, offering you tours to discover the island and complete guides about the transportation in Costa Rica so you do not miss any spot. 

Beach travels are a great way of disconnecting from the daily routine, so make sure of picking the right one for you and enjoy the adventure.