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Experience Spain with a change on your next holidays

There is a reason Spain is a top destination for travellers. It has beauty and a feeling like nowhere else in this world. It is a country of diverse landscapes, exquisite gastronomy and a soul made of the history and culture of thousands of years which make it truly unique. 

There is so much to see and do in this remarkable country, from the peace and calm of the Mediterranean lifestyle and coastline, to the heat and bustle of the city. You might find you never want to leave until you have experienced it all. 

See Ibiza from a different perspective

Ibiza is of course world famous, and not just for the party culture of San Antonio Abad. In fact this Balearic Island has long been better known for its beauty and chill out vibe and hot summer nights. Sunsets are out of this world, but there is far more to Ibiza that is hidden and ready to be discovered

This is why the best way to truly discover and understand Ibiza is from the sea. Taking advantage of boat rental Ibiza will give you so much more.

The Moana rental company, based in Santa Eulalia can provide this experience. Whether it is for a romantic and relaxing experience with your partner, or if you and your family or friends just wish to escape the tourists that flood the well known parts of the island, Moana can show you the hidden coves and beaches not normally discovered by the average tourist

The great thing about this company is that you can also be certain that you are not impacting the environment. They believe in sustainable tourism, and work hard to maintain a zero carbon footprint and not pollute the beauty surroundings

So for an unforgettable experience on this beautiful island, you can relax and unwind, or take part in a full range of activities such as snorkelling and paddle surf, Moana has you covered and will provide you with some amazing activities. 

Live life to the full in Madrid

Next up on your tour of Spain should almost certainly be a trip to the country’s capital. This is a city that is full of life and activity, and there is truth to be given to the rumour that this city never sleeps

This is a city with a rich culture and history, and some outstanding pieces of architecture you would expect from an old European city. But it also has a very modern and international feel. For example it is great for retail therapy, there are a huge number of shops here, and the food is to die for

You can experience everything from the most delicious tapas and other Spanish cuisine from around the Iberian Peninsula, but there is also a wide range of other food to try from other countries, from the Middle East and Asia to the typical american restaurant serving the best fried chicken, buffalo wings and chicken burgers this side of the Atlantic. Wash it all down with an ice cool bourbon iced tea, and if you’re feeling particularly chilled you can even have it all delivered via one of the usual delivery apps.

Feel the passion and heat on the east and south of Spain

This is a country of many personalities, and a great place to start is in Valencia, a place with amazing weather and right on the east coast of the Mediterranean. There are many things to do in Valencia Spain, not just take advantage of the beach. The Old Town here is an atmospheric beauty, filled with street art and little bistros on cobbled streets. It is a great place to explore, especially on a bike tour where you can find some real hidden gems. 

Valencian gastronomy is particularly good, with all the fantastic tastes of the Mediterranean and high quality products fresh from the sea or the land. This is the region where paella originated from,so there is nowhere better to try some food related experiences. 

Once you have finished with Valencia then you can head south to Andalucia, home of flamenco. This is where you really do need to consider getting on the road and seeing what you can find. To truly immerse yourself try to rent camper Malaga, and then start to explore the coastline around Malaga, but also further inland to check out the many other gems. In this region where you can see the Moorish heritage mixed with later styles and influences in both the architecture and the food

Granada is one of the most beautiful cities to visit, with a backdrop of the mountains and the Alhambra Palace that is world famous. But with a camper van you are not restricted  to towns and cities, you can also get out into the landscape, move from place to place and stay overnight in one of the many camping sites in the region. Sierra Nevada (Spain’s highest mountain range) and the Coto de Donana national park offers some great sights to be seen and explored.