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Five business ideas to take advantage of Christmas and New Year’s Eve

The early arrival of Christmas and the New Year is a reason for celebration, but it is also a good opportunity for entrepreneurship, because the demand for products and services at this time of the year is high.

Event organization.

Many companies and the general public demand the organization of end-of-year parties or Christmas activities. In order to launch an event organization company, we need to have a base of reliable suppliers for the installation of sound, stages, decoration, food, animation, venue rental, photography, among other essential services. A more affordable option is to specialize in only one of these areas.

Baskets and corporate gifts.

Christmas baskets for employees and gifts for clients have become a tradition in most companies. Take advantage of this trend by offering a wide range of products at different price points and differentiate yourself by the quality of service. You can even include the design and printing of personalized Christmas cards.

Christmas ornaments.

Crafts and decorations are an attractive business for these dates. Shopping malls, buildings, houses, streets and parks are decorated with Christmas motifs. In this sense, if you are interested in this area, it is advisable that you define whether you will make your sales online or in a physical store.

Toy sales.

It is a proven fact that December is when most toys are sold. If you are interested in this area, you can get cheap toys from a wholesale distributor and rent a space in a shopping mall or a market to sell them directly. If you have a warehouse, reserve a space for this type of products.

Reinvent restaurants.

If you already have a food establishment or a bar, it is advisable to implement it with appropriate decoration. You can also launch special offers and different types of menus alluding to the season. Do not forget to communicate your offer in social networks.

In order to finance these business ideas we can use personal savings, family loans, and loans through banks or financial services technology companies.