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Getting legal assistance in Spain

In this life there are many situations we can encounter that may result in us needing some legal assistance from professionals, especially if you are planning to travel to a foreign country like Spain. From selling or buying properties to obtaining legal documents, it is always good to have a good team of lawyers covering your back.

Services that may require a lawyer

Moving into a new country is never an easy task. A new country involves new laws to obey and get used to. The legal system can be applied on many proceedings we may encounter in our daily lives, such as doing taxes or applying for legal documents like your visa. Because of that, it is very important to hire expert lawyers in Torrox Costa to revise your documents and look out for your well being. 

We usually see lawyers as those human beings we may not really need unless we get into big troubles with the law. But they are needed for a lot of simple proceedings, and if you are planning of moving to Spain, you may wish to hire their assistance for the proceedings listed bellow. 

Buying or selling property

If you are planning on buying or selling property while you stay in Spain, you will need the assistance of a lawyer. A nice team of lawyers will provide you with legal advice and guide you in a language you can understand. When it comes to property transactions in Spain, lawyers are needed for the following proceedings:

  • To make sure everything is in order with the Land Registry files so we do not find any unexpected fee. They also make sure there is a clear Title Deed in order to avoid scams or other future problems. 
  • Checking the Cadastre to ensure that the property obeys the city regulations. 
  • Arranging valuations of the property to ensure that you are paying a fair price. 
  • Checking the contracts to make sure they are properly drafted in both, English and Spanish. 
  • Registering the property under the buyer’s name to make the transaction official.
  • Applying for your NIE number. In Spain you need to have a NIE number assigned in order to make any property transaction. 
  • Arranging the transfer of utilities, like water or gas services, to the new owner’s name. 
  • Setting up the bank accounts. You may wish to perform your sale or purchase by using a Spanish bank account in order to avoid future tax problems. A nice team of lawyers will help you in all the proceedings.
  • Completing all the taxes paperwork related to the sale.
  • Legal advice if you need to get a mortgage plan to afford the sale.
  • Checking that all legal documents are up to date before you put the property up for sale in the market.
  • Accompany you for the signing of the document in the notary offices or work as your Power attorney if you need the document signed and you can not be in Spain for the transaction.

Spanish Wills and Inheritances

If you inherit a Spanish property or have a property under your name in the country, you may require the services of lawyers to look after your inheritance. A lawyer can assist you on the writing of your will, on the signing of the acceptance document of Spanish deeds, planning the best inheritance tax options or assisting you at the notary office with the sale and disposal of the assets.

Administrative law and tax advices.

Lawyers do not only help with the transaction of properties, but also with transactions regarding vehicles sales. Every transaction you may perform while staying in Spain will be subjected to tax law. The main taxes non-Spanish residents are often subjected to are the Non-Resident income tax, the Capital Gains tax, the Inheritance tax and the Plusvalia tax. Having a professional team of lawyers checking your taxes will ensure you that you do not pay anything more than what is needed. 

Other legal proceedings

Lawyers are needed for an additional wide range of legal activities. You may need the services of a lawyer to manage your Spanish divorce papers, marital economic settlements, assist you with the acquisition of legal documents or the management of your visa.