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Getting the best legal assistance

We often find ourselves following Hollywood’s conception of legal assistance. Legal assistance is often perceived as something men with suits practice in a parallel world and that we may never need. But reality is the total opposite. Nowadays, we need the assistance from lawyers or sworn translators for proceedings affecting our daily lives, from handling documents to a employer to simply closing out a transaction.

The importance of hiring the services of a sworn translator

A sworn translation is a type of document that has been officially translated by a professional, therefore it holds full legality to be used in a foreign country. These translations can not be done by any translator, in order to be considered legal they need to include the signature and the stamp of a sworn translator in Malaga.

If you are considering to move to a different country, even for a short period of time, there are many important documents you may need to get officially translated beforehand such as:

  • Civil registry documents like your birth certificate, the death certificate of a close relative, marriage certificate, etc.
  • Police certificates of your criminal records.
  • Passports and identity cards.
  • Court documents such as divorce sentences
  • College degrees and accreditations
  • Notarial deeds like testaments

But the services of a sworn translator in Malaga are not only useful for regular individuals, big companies often find themselves in need of their services. The areas that request more sworn translations tend to be the pharmaceutical field, the big corporations, the literary market, advertisement companies, etc. The following documents tend to be the ones that receive a sworn translation more often:

  • In the pharmaceutical field: clinical trial reports, packages and labels information, 
  • information regarding the patient’s treatment, etc.
  • Big corporations : annual accounts, payrolls, non-disclosure agreements, bank certificates, loans, etc.
  • The Literary market: books translation, spelling and style check, etc.
  • Advertisement companies: products translations (publicity, pamphlets…), press releases, etc.

Consulting with the best lawyers

We often think about lawyers as something that only people who get into big troubles may need. But it is important to know that lawyers in Nerja can assist you in many situations we encounter in our daily lives, such as with traffic tickets or making sure you get the corresponding part of a heritance. However, the role of a good lawyer becomes especially significant if you are planning to move abroad. 

Nowadays, Spain has become a popular destination for people wanting a fresh start or looking to spend their golden years in a country with warm weather. But as any other foreign country, Spain has a different legislation with different laws we may not be very familiar with. That is why companies of lawyers in Nerja have been specializing over the last years on assisting the country’s incoming citizens in legal matters.

The following services are often found as the most requested ones among the users:

  • Property law: if you are planning on buying or selling properties in Spain, the help of a lawyer may come in handy. They will check for you the Land Registry files to ensure there are not hidden charges, draft contracts in English and Spanish, apply for a NIE number so you can close the transaction, registering the new property under the buyer’s name, etc.
  • Wills and Inheritances: lawyers will make sure you get a proper registration of your assets, assist you in the notarial office with the sale and disposal of said assets, etc.
  • Administrative Law: professional lawyers also assist you with everything related to vehicles, from driving license renewals to car registrations or ownership change.
  • Tax Advice: different countries have different tax laws. With the help of a team of professional lawyers you will able to save money in processes such as inheritance taxes, capital gain taxes, plusvalia taxes, etc. 
  • Family law: lawyers can assist you with divorce proceedings, separations, unmarried partner dissolutions, etc