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Having a shared office in Milan is the ideal option for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Guava Milano represents a solution for those who require a temporary office in the Italian city, with all services, communication connections and without any hassle.

Renting a shared space is an effective solution for smart professionals, freelancers or those who visit a city for events or business and require a temporary office. In Milan, this type of alternative is offered by Guava Milano, a coworking space established in one of the most modern and dynamic neighbourhoods of the Italian city.

This coworking Milan location is very close to City Life, one of the largest and most relevant urban redevelopment areas in Europe. This privileged location makes it an ideal and reserved place to work comfortably and without the complications of a long-term rental, as well as having the possibility of being in contact with other professionals, freelancers or people from different business fields. 

A practical alternative

Renting a shared office space is a practical option tailored to those who are temporarily in Milan, whether for long or short periods of time. These may be professionals or entrepreneurs attending trade fairs, congresses or special events and require a comfortable space in which to carry out their work. 

It is perfect for startups and freelance work. For some people, it is uncomfortable to work from home, especially if you have children or if you do not have an appropriate space that can be used as an office.

The area is equipped with everything an office requires: a desk with an ergonomic chair and high-speed Wi-Fi internet, including a meeting room, as well as offering the possibility of serving as a registered office or secretary’s office. 

The advantages of coworking areas

Coworking offices bring together teleworkers, freelancers and entrepreneurs in an organized way to save operating costs. They are spaces suitable for working comfortably in clean and properly air-conditioned spaces, and with the essential elements for working efficiently.

The main advantage is the cost savings in operating costs compared to paying rent for your own office. It is possible to use the space in a flexible way according to the needs and the available budget. Milan-based freelancers, who find it difficult to get into a routine of working at home, have this type of space as an ideal alternative, because with little investment they get the feeling of “going to the office” and avoid inconveniencing their family.

For those who are starting out in teleworking or self-employment, it makes it easier to create an office environment, creating a sense of companionship with the possibility of being more productive, and when they require privacy, they can also find it. By having contact with other professionals, new collaborations and opportunities to join forces in business can be generated.

Guaranteed services 

The most important thing about the shared space is that it provides a pleasant working environment, which includes furniture with ergonomic chairs to ensure the highest productivity. Another essential point is the high-speed wireless internet, which does not slow down or freeze.

Guava Milano’s contract for office use can be on an hourly basis or for as long as required. Conference rooms can be used for meetings, interviews or training courses. In short, it covers all the alternatives to facilitate any office work. 

Guava Milano can be used as the pro tempore headquarters of a company, the address can be included in the organization’s constitution and notified to the various legal bodies, and correspondence and parcels can be received. 

One of the factors favouring Guava’s functionality is that it is easy to reach, due to its central location, which connects it to Milan’s public transport.  The shared spaces are active from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.