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How to design an office your employees will love

It is so important for any business to have happy motivated employees, it is better for staff retention and for productivity. 

We spend so much of our waking lives at work, working alongside our colleagues who we might never have met in our personal lives and yet sometimes it can feel like we see them more than our families. This is why creating an environment where people are happy to come and spend their day, and they feel inspired to deliver their best work is so important

There are many factors to this, including workplace culture, but one part of it is creating nice surroundings. Getting the layout and decor of your office right can make a huge difference to people’s moods and attitude.

Take advantage of natural assets first 

Making the best use of space in an office is very important. Especially if you would like to see your workforce grow in the future. Nobody likes to feel overcrowded or trapped. Try to make the most of any natural light you have for desk space, it does not make sense to have your printer by the window when your team could be soaking up some vitamin D. 

You also may want to think about office lighting if sunshine is in short supply. Severe white walls and fluorescent lighting, aside from putting a strain on people’s eyes, can be very clinical and not the right kind of atmosphere for creativity and motivation.

Choose your office furniture carefully

There are three sides to choosing office furniture, space, employee needs and style. 

Space of course is vital. Many companies now are moving away from open plan and personal desk style designs and choosing a coworking type of space. People are free to move around and change position. Even sit with other teams and colleagues to get to know them better and so have better collaboration. If this would work for your office it will change the style and design of your furniture dramatically. But it also seriously optimises space, especially if you have staff who are occasional homeworkers or work part time hours. 

One place you can get a little more creative is in meeting and relaxation spaces. A meeting room needs to be practical yes, but if you are looking at long meetings comfort is also a factor, so you may want to consider replacing your standard meeting rooms with a sofa or even the odd recliner chair

Let your brand shine through in your office space

Of course the last part previously mentioned is style. Your office is the one physical place where your brand can come to life. It is a physical representation of your company and shows your workforce who they are part off. 

So what do you want your brand to say about your company. How can your style reflect your values and passion. This is important, especially if you are expecting to have customers and clients visit the office. 

The wall space has huge potential for this, from outside to inside. Opting for bespoke signage and silk screen designs, incorporating your name, brand colours and logo also help bring everything together, from wall design to soft furnishings. 

You could even opt for vinyl wall quotes to describe who you are as a business, and show everyone your vision and ethos. This can be particularly effective in meeting rooms. 

Then it is just the finishing touches that complete the look. From big size wall clocks to plants, smaller lighting and desk accessories, this will give your office space a professional well planned and thought out look. It is always better to work in a tidy and calm space than in disorganised chaos