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How to find the perfect couples holidays this summer

Every now and then it is important to get away from the day to day stress of ordinary life and head off for a week or two with the person you love to recharge your batteries and get some quality time away.

It can be difficult to know where to go, which hotel to book and how to avoid the common pitfalls that tourists find themselves struggling with. With this guide you can make sure that you book the perfect holiday, with great value for money and without the stress. You can just enjoy the company of your partner and relax.

Choosing where to go is the hardest part 

It will always depend on your preferences. Do you prefer the sun or colder weather? Do you prefer to lie by the beach or swimming pool with a book in hand and an ice cold drink never far away. Or perhaps you love to explore new places and take in the art, history and culture. 

Whatever your preference has a huge amount of choice of destination. From european city breaks, to holiday of a lifetime anywhere in the world. You can even book flight and hotel packages to make planning a lot easier. So whether you fancy Barcelona or London, New York or Miami, you can find everything you need. 

Of place definitely worth investigating is Costa Rica in Central America. It has miles and miles of beautiful beaches and has fantastic weather. And if you are looking for

adults only resorts Costa Rica is the perfect option. You can explore the beaches, or opt for a hotel hidden away in the rainforest if you are looking for privacy. There are also some great experiences on offer, from snorkelling to horse riding, and a whole wealth of great restaurants, bars and spas to enjoy. 

It is easy to find bargains if you know where to look

Holidays can be an expensive business, but are worth every penny. Especially if it is your one chance a year to go and make some wonderful new experiences and memories. 

However if you are restricted on your budget, there are ways to save a little if you know where to look. 

For example with flights, most airlines these days will have sales throughout the year where they discount the cost of certain flights. It is well worth setting up email alerts with the main flight providers so you can be notified when this happens. 

You can also often find your hotel even cheaper if you shop around a bit. Sometimes last minute cancellations can mean rooms become available at a fraction of the cost. Discounted doesn’t mean they are as good. It is usually the exact same hotel you will see elsewhere at full price. 

Prepare for the unexpected

Travel can be stressful. What should be an amazing break can sometimes be struck by trouble, whether it is losing your wallet, or your luggage not arriving at the same destination as you. And if you are heading off to somewhere tropical the smallest mosquito bite could need a little medical attention. 

So it is best to be prepared so that these little incidents don’t turn into a nightmare and ruin your trip. Intermundial can offer travel insurance that will see you and your partner protected from the effects of these issues and give you the peace of mind you need to truly unwind. 

Now is the time to get booking. Treat yourself to a romantic getaway together, go and make some memories, and remember what it feels like to be in love. No distractions, no hassle just a holiday you will remember forever