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How to give your indoor space a new look and feel

They say that home is where the heart is and it is true. It is where you raise your family, and the place you return to every night after a hard day at work. Which is why it is so important for your home to bring you peace and for it to feel like a place you want to be in. Updating the decor is one way in which you can really make your home your own and the decoration you choose to reflect who you are as a persona can make a real difference. 

This is not just important for the home but also for your office or public workspace. Updating your indoor space is easier than you think. With a few key changes you can give your surroundings a new lease of life. A home is meant to be lived in, and a workplace to work,  yet the downside of this is that wear and tear happen all too easily. So not only do you want your home to look stylish, it also have to be practical and durable enough to cope with everything life can throw at it. Here are some things to consider for your next revamp to get the best for your home. 

Trust in the experts for the best quality

First things first, if you are looking at a major revamp, it can be difficult to know where to start. It can be a bigger job than you expected, and without the right contacts, suppliers and design inspiration you can spend a lot of money to end up with something not quite as you planned or wanted. Especially if you are undertaking this project in Spain with limited knowledge of Spanish.

This is why for bigger projects you may want to consider getting some consultancy from an expert who specialises in design. For example for interior design projects Valencia it will be well worth your time and the expense to hire someone with local knowledge and formal training in interior design. They can connect you with local artisans and contractors that can be trusted to deliver the highest quality

Vinyl can give any space a truly unique and modern feel

If you haven’t considered the use of vinyl designs for the walls of your home yet, then you should add it to your list of must have accessories. This vinyl company in Zaragoza specialises in many decorative pieces, or if you prefer some great written word signs that can work great in your home, in your office or anywhere else, then you want to make a statement in your home. The right vinyl decoration can be a real talking piece for anyone who visits and with a relatively little effort it can transform a space into something worth talking about

It is not just good for walls either, it is great for many different items in your home or business. If you are redesigning a shop or a cafe you can add vinyl wraps to any smooth object to add branding or instructive information. 

Finish the new look with some excellent finishing touches

Once the core refurbishment is done, in order to complement the use of vinyl across your redesigned space the accessories and textures become so important. 

Try to introduce texture to give the space more personality. The use of wood or metal can really make your space look more interesting yet also create a warm and welcoming feeling on the area. Find a great supplier where you can buy wood, as it is an incredibly versatile material that can look great either in its raw form or worked to a polish or shine, and great for adding warmth to an otherwise sterile-looking room. 

Worktops, skirting boards, doors and window ledges are a great place to add this material, as well as for unusual table tops and desks. Many hard woods are very durable and will stand up to heavy usage while still showing beauty and quality

Align up these bespoke pieces with some clever lighting, a range of carefully chosen soft furnishings and a few interesting pieces of furniture to give a complete and well rounded look. This will add a sense of flair and style to your indoor space. If you have opted for higher tables, meeting spaces or breakfast bar then the addition of a modern design stool is not only practical but infinitely more stylish when choosing functional seating and another great way to add a mix materials to achieve decor worth talking about. 

A modern design stool can make the difference in a living room. This brings elegance to the living room or any room where it is placed, giving it a personal touch