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Improving your training experience

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is very important, especially nowadays since most people keep a busy lifestyle and do not have much time to spend looking out for their health. Making sure you have the proper tools to get the better result possible in your training sessions is just as important as the training sessions themselves. 

Getting the best out of your basketball training

Basketball is a sport that has been gaining notoriety over the last years. Millions of fans around the globe practice this sport or hang out with their friends to watch the professional matches. 

When we think about basketball training sessions, most people tend to assume that the most important items you need to take care of are the ball and the sport shoes. However, a key factor people tend to overlook is the T-shirts. 

Studies show that most people tend to carry everyday T-shirts to their basketball training sessions, yet professionals strongly recommend this practice to stop. When playing basketball, it is important to wear a T-shirt especially designed for this sport. 

A basketball T-shirt needs to follow the professional standards in order to let your body transpire and move properly while training. Sites like give you the option to buy the same T-shirts professionals like LeBron James from Los Angeles Lakers or James Harden from the Houston Rockets wear on their NBA matches.  

Something as simple as an apparel change can highly improve your basketball training sessions, making the time you invest into them way more efficient. 

Making the best of your boxing training sessions

Boxing is a sport that has gathered a renewed reputation over the last decade. In the past, the media would portrait boxing as a fighting sport only for brutes. However, as time passes by, people have come to realize their mistake. The sport is now conceived as the complex sport it is and many people would describe the practice as a sort of game of chess where you outperform and outsmart your opponent with your whole body.

When doing boxing training sessions, it is very important to have the appropriate gear to do so and get the best results. Boxing training sessions focus is usually divided in two parts:

  1. The lower part of the body.  It does focus on the movement, power and balance aspects of the sport. Having the proper boxing attire is very important to succeed in this aspect of training. In order to get the best results possible, it is recommended to get some custom boxing shorts. You can choose between multiple options like the kind of leg cut or stripe material. Having an attire with properties that allow you to perform the sport to its full potential is key when you are trying to improve.  You can also customize your boxing shorts design, because feeling good will make you more self confident and this will reflect on your training sessions.
  2. The upper part of the body. It involves aspects of boxing like defense, landing punches and accuracy.  When we think about upper body boxing training we automatically thing about the most symbolic part of every boxer attire: the boxing gloves. Getting custom boxing gloves can be a total game changer for your training sessions. You can custom very important parts of the gloves, like the glove material and the kind of strap or trim. Finding the one that fits you better is very important when we want to improve your results. Also, just as with the custom boxing shorts, having a custom design with your own logos or colours in your gloves allow you to gain confidence in yourself and, therefore, perform better.

Using bicycles for cardiovascular fitness

Keeping us active outside the training sessions is also very important. Experts recommend doing cardiovascular fitness as well in order to keep our body condition improving. Getting an electric bike like the ones available in Bikelec will give you a comfortable and practical way of practicing sports while moving around the city. This will help you increase your body resistance and therefore, you will perform better on your training sessions. 

If you simply want to use the bicycle for a quick stroll around, it is worth to check out the Cuore model, which has a 500W motor system and the possibility of reaching a speed up to 26.10 mph in function of the battery of your choosing. 

Overall, it is important to have the appropriate apparel when we want to succeed on our training sessions. Always remember to not let anything hold you back and make the appropriate changes in order to perform your best.