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Isabel II authorises the ‘divorce’ of Princes William and Henry

Elizabeth II has authorised the creation of a new office for the Dukes of Sussex, to be established at Buckingham Palace. Thus Princes William and Henry separate their professional lives. For the British press, this division clearly shows Henry and Meghan Markle’s determination to build their own identity and talk about issues in which they are particularly involved. The announcement comes after months of speculation about relationships between siblings and their partners, and a few weeks before Meghan gives birth to her first child and is moving to her new home in Windsor.

Until now, the two couples’ schedules were managed from Kensinghton, although Charles’ youngest son from England had his own private office. Regardless of how their relationships are, it is normal for William, 36, and Henry, 34, to go their separate ways as they have different responsibilities. Guillermo is the heir of the heir and he is receiving more and more responsibility tasks. “When William becomes the Prince of Wales, he will assume a great additional responsibility, including the Duchy of Cornwall,” a palace source explained to the Sunday Times. “Henry and Meghan have nothing to do with that task, and so they are determined to forge their own path. This source close to Guillermo and Enrique adds that both “have supported and cared for each other since their mother died, but now they have their own families and no longer support each other as much as before. This division of homes and offices will help alleviate tensions between the Dukes of Cambridge and the Dukes of Sussex.

However, the surprise is that they have chosen Buckingham and not Kensington to establish the location of their office which is also a physical distance from the two brothers.

This distance will be even greater in the next few days when the move of the Dukes of Sussex is completed. Enrique and Meghan have chosen Nottingham Cottage to move in. The new house of the Dukes of Sussex is located about 900 metres from Windsor Castle, in an area surrounded by gardens, with a lake and a golf course. Frogmore Cottage is a property that has a special meaning for them. There the official photos were taken when their engagement was announced in November 2017, and there was also a reception after their wedding, held at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on 19 May.

The news of the office reorganization comes hours after it was known that Meghan Marke had just lost one of her closest supporters, Amy Pickerill. This 33-year-old assistant to Markle joined the Kensington Palace team in 2016 as part of the internal Communications team. British sources say she was expected to become Meghan Markle’s future private secretary. The British press claims that the separation was friendly and that Pickerill’s reason for leaving is an imminent move abroad. “Amy and Meghan will stay in touch because they have a very close relationship,” a source at Kensington Palace told the Daily Mail. In the last few months, the duchess has lost four of her workers.

Charles of England, according to the British press, is particularly concerned about the news in the media about the strained relations of his children and their wives. He is responsible, according to several British chroniclers, for the kiss Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle gave each other on March 11 at one of the Commonwealth Day celebrations. An indication from the father-in-law to his daughters-in-law.

Meghan Markle is in her last weeks of pregnancy so her official agenda is blank. That doesn’t mean that she won’t appear at some public event yet, although her presence will be decided according to her state.

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