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Job interview tips

The job interview is probably the most important step you will take in your job search: it is your best chance to show the company and the hiring manager that you are the best candidate. To help you get the job you want, we have compiled some job interview tips and advice to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Job interview tips: How to prepare?

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression during a job interview, so knowing some job interview tips and having a well-prepared plan is vital to increase your chances of landing that dream job.

Job interview preparation is the key to success and a polished presentation can give you an edge over others whose credentials may be better than yours.

What to do before job interviews?

Find out about the company, the industry and the interviewers you will be interviewing with.
Find out as much information as possible about the position you are seeking.
Develop a list of questions you want to ask the interviewer.
Take notes for the interview.

1- Read and review the job description.

Pay attention to the job description very thoroughly and make sure to align your competencies with the skills required for the job. Consequently, you should be prepared for questions about your previous experiences doing similar tasks in other organisations.

2- Research the company.

Organisations are looking to hire people with similar values to those of the company culture. Researching the company before job interviews will give you an idea of the organisation’s goals and future plans and being able to discuss these points will make it seem like a long-term investment. Look at LinkedIn and Facebook or check Google reviews for feedback from current or former employees.

3- Plan your journey to the job interview.

When preparing for your job interview, one of the most important things to consider is how you are going to get there. Not having a plan is a plan to fail. Make sure you arrive on time, or better yet, at least 15 minutes early. Go to bed early the night before and get up early so you have enough time.

How to prepare for online job interviews?

In today’s digital world, some hiring managers choose to conduct preliminary interviews over the phone. Phone interviews can be challenging as you are not physically in the room with your interviewer and, in some cases, you have to work even harder to excel.

Take phone interviews seriously. Dress as you would for any other interview and sit at a desk or table.
As with phone calls, video interviews can be tricky: the good news is that, at least during a video interview, the hiring manager can see you.
Take the time to check your internet connection and also that your surroundings are clean and tidy.
Common job interview questions and answers

The most important part of preparing for an interview is practising how to answer the interview questions you might be asked that day. Some examples of questions you might be asked are:

Knowing the most common types of job interview questions is an advantage: that way, you can work out your answers well in advance and you should be confident in your answers when the pressure mounts.

Additional tips:

To be able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, you need to have the best academic preparation and experiences that make you grow both intellectually and emotionally. Don’t waste time and if you want to excel in today’s job market, explore the possibility of studying online to keep building your CV.

After each job interview, take the time to send a thank you note or email sharing your appreciation for the time the interviewer spent with you and reiterating your interest in the job. If there was something you wish you had said during the interview, but didn’t get the chance, this is a good idea to mention.