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Leaving your car on the best hands during your trip to the UK

Travelling abroad is something that requires a lot of planning beforehand, especially for expats looking forward to visiting the UK. One of the things we need to plan for is what will happen to our vehicle during our stay, since leaving our car unattended for long periods of time can be rather unsafe. Thankfully, there are options available to keep our car safe and sound until our return. 

Getting to the airport by car

Long distance trips are no joke, requiring lots of planning for everything to sail off smoothly. Booking our flights and accommodations seems to be the first steps we always think of, but something we sometimes fail to plan ahead is how we are going to get to the airport. 

Those living in Spain know how public transportation is not always the best alternative for these important trips, since they can suffer delays that can result in us missing our flight or be overcrowded, making the travelling experience exhausting and uncomfortable. Because of that, many users decide to drive their own vehicle to the airport. But, what happens with our vehicle once our flight departs? 

Parking in Spain to U. Kingdom can be tricky if we do not plan it carefully with enough time ahead. Leaving our vehicle in the airport public parking may not be the best idea, since this type of parking tend to be rather expensive and do not guarantee us the safety of our vehicle upon our return, which means that the longer our planned trip to the UK is, the more chances we have to find unpleasant surprises related to our vehicle upon our return. 

Because of this, experts recommend that we leave our vehicle in private parking spots like the ones provided in the Parking Murcia Airport by Victoria Parking. Private companies like Victoria Parking offer a long list of additional services in comparison to public airport parking, ensuring customers that their vehicle will be in perfect condition upon their arrival, which can be especially useful if we are planning for a long trip. 

The benefits of using a private parking during your UK trip

As we have seen, leaving your car in the hands of companies like Victoria Parking is the smartest option if we are planning to leave for a UK trip. Victoria Parking can be found in some of the biggest Spanish airports, such as in the Parking Alicante Airport. They offer a long list of benefits compared to other parking companies, for example:

  • Security services 24/7. All cars are under a closed circuit security system, and supervised 24hours by a security guard. 
  • 100% asphalted and fenced car parking to ensure your cars safety.
  • Very low rates that fit everyone’s budget. You will be able to pick the parking option that better fits your needs between Indoor Parking, Open Air Parking, Covered Parking, Valet Parking, etc.
  • All cars are fully insured against theft, vandalism, fire, flood and bad weather, which comes especially handy if we are planning to go for a Long term Valencia Airport trip.
  • Additional services that your car may require while you are gone, such as exterior and interior washing, ITV, disinfection with Ozone, maintenance or workshop or polishing of optics, among others. 
  • Transfer services to the airport with no waiting time, completely free of charge. This will ensure that you do not miss your flight, since their installations are only on a 2min trip from the airport. 

Overall, companies like Victoria Parking are by far the best option if we are planning to travel to the UK leaving our car behind. Peace of mind is something priceless, and with Victoria Parking, we will be able to travel to the UK for as long as we need, knowing our car will be in pristine conditions upon our return.