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Nobody can resist the authenticity and freshness of Born Rosé wine

The pleasure of enjoying a good rosé wine has been revolutionized with the birth of Born Rosé wine. This young brand, which has already gained worldwide recognition and prestigious distinctions, was not born under the pomposity of flashy wine tastings, but to simply bet on the authenticity of uncorking a good bottle of wine, whose only denomination of origin is where it is going to be enjoyed and with whom.

The presence of rosé wine at the table and at events and special occasions is increasing. It is a drink that fits perfectly in fun and fresh moments, parties, evenings with friends, dinners and more.

But why is rosé wine such a great choice? Because it combines the mouthfeel of red wine with the freshness of white wine in one drink, which in turn broadens the pairing options. 

Starting the usually one-way journey through the world of wine with a good rosé wine is a safe exploration, like getting your feet wet to adjust to the temperature of the water before entering the sea.

Basically, this refreshing and sublime drink is a red wine with little maceration. Among several methods of elaboration, the most commonly used is pressing. 

Specifically, the black grapes are pressed, and then the skins are macerated with the juice for a short time in order to give the wine its characteristic pink colour. The next step is to vinify the juice, resulting in a rosé wine with more power and body than a white, and lighter and cleaner than a red. 

And it is precisely because it has become popular in recent years that today there are innovative proposals as far as rosé wine brands are concerned, one of the most noteworthy, not only in Spain or Europe, but in the whole world is Born Rosé.

A digitally native rosé wine

With the passing of time, even the ways of marketing products have changed, and beverages have been no exception. Born Rosé is a young brand born in Penedés, Barcelona, which has been positioning itself as a top brand throughout the country, Europe and other continents.

Born Rosé rosé wine is a digital native. Since its beginnings, its main form of marketing is through the internet, in fact buy rose wine online from this brand is a very easy and simple process, as it has a very functional, digestible, fresh and modern website, in which the colour rosé and the dynamism of modernity are the protagonists.

The fact that Born Rosé is a digital native brand means that its products are totally innovative, as part of the new times. This way of offering products gives this sector much more versatility, which has meant that it is now known on several continents.

This has also meant that today Born Rosé wine is considered by many to be the best rosé wine in Spain, and is also currently among the five best in the world. 

Although Born Rosé wine is a very young brand (it was born in 2019), it already has important achievements to its credit. Last year it won the gold medal at The Global Rosé Masters, it was also rated in Vivino among the top 1% of the world’s best wines and, as if this were not enough, this year it won the gold medal at the International Canned Wine Competition. 

We should also need to highlight that, even though it has achieved these important recognitions, Born Rosé does not respond to a concept based on the pomposity of tastings, but to the simple act of enjoying a fresh and sublime wine at a special moment.

The brand is committed to the simple and authentic act of uncorking a good rosé wine bottle. Its only denomination of origin is where and with whom it is to be shared. Those who created this rosé wine took as a reference the international rosé wine movement in Provence, Scandinavia and the West Coast of the United States, but with the essence of Barcelona, a thriving city with its own special style, which is also daring and modern.

Why Born Rosé?

There are many reasons to enjoy the amazing product that is Born Rosé wine. In addition to all that has already been mentioned, an attractive feature for consumers is that, although it is a wine, it has a relatively low alcohol content: 11.5%. 

It is also very striking the fact that it also has a low percentage of sugar: 2.6 grams per litre, an aspect highly valued by those who have healthy lifestyle habits, without exempting themselves from the pleasures of life and, undoubtedly, drinking a good rosé wine is one of them.

The prestige that Born Rosé has achieved is very high, despite not being a product with an ostentatious price, approximately 11.25 euros. This is another of the characteristics that have earned it the public’s preference.

When we talk about prestige and recognition, it is already a known fact that we can find the presence of Born Rosé Wine in very exclusive places. This is another innovation brought by the brand, as these points are called Cool Places. 

This is how it is now common to see this refreshing drink in iconic places such as the Juan y Andrea Restaurant in front of Ses Illetes beach in Formentera, the Palace Hotel in Barcelona, the Beach Club C Noordwijk in the Netherlands and the Alison Resto & Wine Bar on Lexington Avenue in New York.

Rosé wine is and will always be the best companion during the summer season because it is fresh, and it will always stand out at any event because it is sweet and sparkling. A gastronomic drink par excellence, it is the perfect ally in Mediterranean cuisine for a variety of dishes such as fish and seafood, rice dishes, desserts, sushi, soft cheeses and more.

But you cannot choose just any wine, it is very important to have a good selection to enjoy it to the maximum, and this is undoubtedly none other than Born Rosé.