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Original alternatives for your next holidays

Holidays are the time of the year we all eagerly wait for. They are special occasions that bring us the opportunity of enjoying new experiences we would not get the chance to experiment during our daily routines. If you are looking for something original to create everlasting memories during your next holiday, then we have the perfect two alternatives for you: Copper Canyon and New York’s Christmas lights. 

Adventure awaits for you in Mexico

Mexico is a tourist destination that is gaining more traction each year that passes by. Although most people choose Mexico as their holiday destination for its marvellous beaches or stunning monuments, Mexico has a lot more to offer, especially for adventure lovers. 

If you are looking for an original alternative during your next holiday, we recommend you check out Copper Canyon.

Located in the northwestern part of the country, Copper Canyon is an emplacement of breathtaking beauty. Its rich ecosystem makes it the perfect destination for anyone wanting to experience first-hand Mexico’s local flora and fauna, all while enjoying some amazing landscapes. Copper Canyon is becoming more and more popular as a destination for adventure Tourism since the opening of an adventure park in Divisadero. Some activities you will be able to enjoy during your visit to Copper Canyon include:

  • Visiting indigenous communities: different cultures, such as the Tarahumaras or Rarámuris live along other indigenous communities in Copper Canyon. During your visit, you will be able to discover their traditional clothing, cultures and all the aspects of their daily lives. 
  • Hiking: if you like keeping an active outdoor lifestyle and practice hiking, then Copper Canyon is the perfect destination for you. With the assistance of the local guides, you will be able to visit multiple routes across the canyon while learning about nature and the region
  • Having fun in the Adventure Park: since the construction of this park, Copper Canyon has become a more attractive destination for tourists. Experts estimate that you should visit the adventure park for at least 2 days to fully enjoy all the activity options it has to offer. 
  • Helicopter tours across the canyon: Copper Canyon has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and in the helicopter tours you will be able to fully experience them. You will be able to see the canyon from a bird’s point of view and create unforgettable memories with these tours.

Overall, if you are tired of conventional holiday destinations, and you want to live exciting new adventures during your next holiday, then Copper Canyon is the perfect destination for you. 

Visiting New York during Christmas season

When we think about holidays, our mind always seems to think about summer holidays and beaches. But winter and Christmas holidays are just as important, and there are many destinations where you will be able to enjoy them to their fullest potential. That is the case of New York. 

New York is a city that goes through a whole transformation during the Christmas season, becoming a magical place to live and visit. Tourists can discover all the charm of this city by scheduling a NYC Christmas lights tour. These tours will take you to visit the emblematic Dyker Heights neighbourhood, an Italo-American neighbourhood that is famous worldwide for the over the top Christmas decorations all the houses tend to exhibit. You will be able to experience this tradition first-hand by walking across the streets while guides tell you all about its history. And on the way back to Brooklyn, the tour makes some stops on the most emblematic viewpoints of the city, making this tour a wholesome experience overall.

There are many interesting tourist destination alternatives out there, but, all things considered, we believe none will create a more everlasting memory for you and your family than Copper Canyon and New York during the Christmas season.