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Pavigym is the next generation in innovation gym flooring

With such fierce competition in the fitness industry these days, customers expect the very best in facilities. They are looking for a fitness centre that offers choice, convenience and state of the arts facilities.  People want to feel comfortable and know that they can achieve their fitness goals.

Of course the equipment can make all the difference, but one areas that is sometimes overlooked is the gym flooring, despite it being one of the largest pieces of equipment in the gym when you think about it. There is only one provider that has the expertise and the means to produce specialist gym flooring for the entire facility, and that is Pavigym gym flooring. They are changing the face of the typical gym with new and innovative solutions, and new ways in which to engage and excite gym-goers across the world.

All gym areas have specialist needs

When you choose to update your gym flooring in order to modernise your gym, it can be tough to know where to start. Yet is is very important to get it right and can make all the difference to your members.

The flooring can reduce noise, damage and injury, and so needs to be carefully considered. A vibrant new floor, with a good grip surface, anti-odour capabilities, impact and vibration absorption will make all the difference. There are many areas to think about that will all have slightly different requirements such as:

  • Aerobic and group exercise areas will need to allow ease of movement but still enough grip to prevent accidents
  • Cardio and cycling areas need high resistance and anti-slip, while also supporting treadmills, rowers and cardio machines
  • Areas for strength training and free weights have to be able to absorb high impact and reduce noise or vibrations.
  • Corridors and cafeteria areas will need to be able to cope with intense traffic areas.
  • For martial arts and judo the flooring needs to be able to support bare feet and impact with the floor without injury

Make the flooring part of the workout with PRAMA

It is not just the functional areas that need special consideration. If you really want to offer your members a reason to keep coming back, then what you need is the revolutionary new fitness system PRAMA.

This is the new generation of fitness, already being adopted by clubs such as David Lloyd and Harbour Club Kensington in London. Some have described it as working out in a giant arcade game. It looks to gamify fitness by making the floors and the walls completely interactive and adding music and lights as part of the program.

The user interface can set fitness programs and challenges that can suit all ages and fitness levels, making it great for both family training and intensive fitness circuits. It is changing the face of fitness in a way we have never seen before, and more importantly it is making it fun.

Pavigym can help you with design, planning, construction, installation and maintenance of your new PRAMA system. Leading the way with this type of offering for your facility will make you stand out from the crowd, as well as utilising every inch of available space in an exciting and engaging way.

Only the best from the experts

Leading sporting facilities around the world are turning to Pavigym to provide the best for their customers. They know and love fitness, and help to create a lively gym studio.

With 55 years of experience in the fitness industry, and continuously researching, testing and perfecting the products that they offer, they can help create the perfect fitness studio. Their designers are experts in meeting all your needs.