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Quantic Animation, the ideal animation studio to develop your projects

A lot of time and work goes into any creative project, and we all want our projects to look flawless by the time they are done. If we are planning to add animations to our project, counting with the help of professionals like those at Quantic Animation can help us achieve the perfect final result. 

Outsourcing your animations to a professional studio like Quantic Animation

Animations are a very important part in modern storytelling. By including animations into our projects we are able to express our ideas and concepts, communicate the characters emotions and tell their stories in an unique way that is easily approachable by children and adults alike. 

There are many reasons why including animations in your projects may be an amazing idea, and the best way to secure that these animations convey all our project stands for is by hiring professional animation companies like Quantic Animation. Quantic Animation is an external animation studio that specializes in covering any project that may require animations, no matter their stage, from pre-production to post-production. 

Quantic Animation works independently with the best supervisors, artists and production teams in the sector, all while using the latest tools available on the market. Hiring Quantic Animation as your animation studio brings many perks into the table such as:

  • You get to decide how involved you want to be with the animation project, being able to voice your own ideas.
  • They work online and freelance, which allows them to adapt to your delivery times and pipelines
  • Once your animation project is finished, you will also have access to Quantic Animation VIP’s area, where you will be able to learn animation techniques with their exclusive tutorials, and learn and invest about other projects where Quantic Animation is involved. 

Services you will be able to find at Quantic Animation

In Quantic Animation you will be able to work with a creative team that has extensive experience in the international animation sector, which allows their works to shine in any type of projects. Some of their services include:

3D animations

The 3D animation services at Quantic Animation will allow you to animate your videos or games with amazing interior and exterior scenes. The 3D animation team have lots of years of experience behind their backs, allowing them to animate with the best quality, textures, definition and lightning, resulting in a product that will impress your audience. From characters animation to environment animations or props animation, all parts of the animation will be treated with true attention to detail to guarantee a final product you can be happy with. 

While working on your 3D animations, Quantic Animation will use encrypted servers, VPN connections, and NDA and Non-competence contracts to secure the total security and confidentiality of your project. All their projects are also optimized for playback, ensuring that they will be easy to incorporate to your games.

2D animations

Quantic Animation has a 2D animation studio. This type of animation has a more traditional approach, making it perfect for all kinds of projects like films, video games, television, corporate videos, advertising or music videos.

The 2D animation team includes the best illustrators, artists and project managers in the sector. The animation team will adapt to your creative needs, creating projects that can go from cartoonish to more realistic approach, giving you a final result fit to your expectations. 

A game development company

Quantic Animation specializes in game development, both in 2D and 3D animation styles. They work with the development of the project since the beginning of the project with the creation of characters, environments, designs, etc. Quantic Animation covers all stages of the project, no matter the phase or specific modality of the project you are in. You can hire their team for your complete game development or as a co-development team to assist your own team on certain stages of the project. Quantic Animation can develop games for multiple platforms, like consoles, smartphones, virtual reality or computers.