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Renting the villa of your dreams in Altea

Holidays bring us the perfect opportunity to disconnect from our daily routines in new charming places we would not be able to enjoy the rest of the year. Because of that, we should not take the decision of choosing our holiday destination lightly. If you are looking for the perfect place to relax while enjoying all the commodities you could ever wish for, then we have the perfect recommendation for you: the luxurious villas at Altea. 

Why choosing Altea?

Altea is a beautiful and charming coastal town located in the province of Alicante, in the eastern shores of Spain. This small town is in proximity to other popular tourist destinations like Valencia or Benidorm, but over the last years, Altea has earned a reputation of its own. 

Altea is a city full of charm and welcoming people, and with its many monuments and interesting recreation activities, it holds the title of Valencia’s culture capital. 

Altea’s buildings follow the traditional Mediterranean aesthetics, with lots of delightful small white houses carefully ornamented with colourful flowers on their balconies. Walking across the small streets of Altea is a truly mesmerizing experience, especially while you make your way to the many Altea’s monuments, like the Church of Nuestra señora del Consuelo.

Altea has a big catalogue of recreational activities for its visitors. If you are into water activities, you can head off to its beaches where you will be able to practice many water sports such as diving, rowing, sailing, surf and waterski. Or, if you are into nautical activities, you can choose to rent a boat or yacht to sail across Altea’s crystal clear waters. 

And if you follow the coastline, you will arrive at Golf Don Cayo, a Golf club fully equipped with nine holes and facilities that include a tennis court, pool, etc. 

Altea has everything one could wish for in a holiday destination while enjoying the quiet atmosphere that comes with a smaller town. So if you are looking to get away from your daily routine and busy lifestyle, Altea is the perfect place to disconnect. 

The best villas to rent in Altea

As we have seen, Altea is a place with a lot to offer as a holiday destination, but a big part of every holiday is the accommodation. While Altea has many hotels and hostels available for tourists to stay in, if you are looking for a luxurious holiday experience, we recommend that you rent your own private villa. There are many villas to rent in Altea, but only the ones rented by Las Nereidas are up to the higher quality standards. 

Las Nereidas is a Real Estate company that rents luxury villas in Altea. All their luxurious villas are built using only the best materials and paying attention to the smallest detail. Las Nereidas group has villas for rent in Altea’s most exclusive neighbourhoods: Altea Hills and Altea Mascarat Marina Beach urbanizations. All the villas have their own private pool and breathtaking sea views for the ultimate summer holiday experience. 

Las Nereidas group offers its clients all the facilities they could need during their holiday vacations. Booking your own villa is really easy thanks to their website, where you can check their availability and information with just a few clicks. They also include many additional services to make your stay more pleasant, such as cleaning services. 

Falling in love with the luxurious villas rented by Las Nereidas is really easy, but if this happens, you do not need to worry. Las Nereidas offers its clients the possibility of purchasing their villas, as well as the possibility of contacting their own interior decorator,, so you can recreate anything you liked during your stay. 

Overall, Altea is an amazing holiday destination, and renting a luxurious villa with Las Nereidas group would be the icing of the cake for the perfect holiday.