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Snow sports to do with children

Snow sports are present not only during the winter, but also throughout the year and for all types of public, from the most experienced to those who have never practised them. This culture has spread and is an activity in constant growth during the last few years in Spain and it is common to practice them as a family.

Some, such as skiing, snowboarding or ice skating, are well known to everyone, but there are also others that are not so recognisable to the general public, although they are just as much fun. Here at Toads and Princesses we tell you everything you need to know about them, so get ready for the fun to begin!

The best snow sports for all ages


Without a doubt, the best known of all snow sports. Its operation is simple, but the practice needs training, a lot of patience and good equipment. It consists of sliding across the snow, using two boards attached to the soles of the boots and two poles that allow the skier to position himself correctly. There are many modalities, such as alpine, acrobatic, cross-country or speed.


Its technique is similar to that of skiing, but in this case you must try to glide over the snowy terrain on a board without the help of poles. The basic equipment to practice it is the aforementioned snowboard, the bindings to hold on to the board and the boots. This discipline fuses the aesthetics of surfing and skiing.


This is practised with a snowboard that can be split into two parts. The two parts are used as skis for climbing slopes. The two halves can be joined together to form a board for the descent.


Two teams of four participants compete against each other by sliding 20 kg granite stones on an ice runner. The goal is to throw these stones into a marked area, called the “house”. For each stone inside the house, or closer to its centre, the teams score one point. It is a precision sport, similar to petanque.

Ice Hockey

It is played between two teams of six players with skates on an ice rink. The skaters direct a puck with a stick to try to score on the opponent’s goal. At the end, the team that has scored the most goals wins. It is important to be equipped with all kinds of protection, as it is a physical sport in which the body is used to charge the opponent.

Luge, Skeleton and Bobsleigh

Those who practise any of these activities slide down a steep slope at high speed on a small sled with the aim of finishing the course in the shortest possible time. In the case of luge, the athlete lies face up, feet forward, and the sled is small in size. In skeleton, the rider is face down and descends head first. Riders who opt for bobsleighing wear two pairs of skis, one in front and one at the back, and the sled has steering, brakes and a skate. Very curious snow sports.

Ice skating (artistic and synchronised)

A series of elegant acrobatic movements are performed on the rink to the rhythm of the music. If it is performed individually, it is artistic. On the other hand, if it is done in a group, it is synchronised, in which all the participants must perform the same choreography in a coordinated and simultaneous manner.


Snowshoes make it easier and easier to walk on snow without excessive effort. In the ski resorts you will be informed about routes of different duration and difficulty adapted to all ages. Snowshoes offer numerous possibilities to enjoy the mountain, such as hiking. A physical activity suitable for all ages and levels.

Mushing or dog sledding

Although it is currently considered a sport, it has been and still is today a Nordic form of transport characterised by the use of dogs and skis. Dog sledding, a favourite with children, can be booked at resorts or with specialised agents.


An outdoor activity that allows you to slide down snow slides using a circular mattress. Sitting on it and wearing a protective helmet, the sportsmen and women go down the paths at full speed. In the gardens of snow resorts there are toboggans and areas reserved for this activity.