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Some tips for an unforgettable holiday experience or settling down in Spain

One of life’s greatest pleasures is travelling, but no one wants to do it with inconveniences. To do tourism properly, it is key that we have the right advice and quality services to get the most out of it. But if the plan is to settle in Spain, the best advice which many websites and various companies offer is that you acquire the residence permit.

One of the pleasures that most people always want to indulge in is travelling. There are so many options available, so it is always a good idea to count on the experience of specialized companies that provide guidance on the destination we are planning to visit and offer the best accommodation, mobility and itinerary services.

Having comfortable accommodations in Santiago de Compostela, renting a car in Benidorm or having the support of experts to explore the wonders of Mexico are some examples of ideal services for unforgettable experiences.

But if your intentions are to travel to Spain and settle down either for a long time or permanently, our advice is that you obtain a residence permit, for which there are web portals and companies that can help during the process. 

Unique accommodation in Santiago

On the list of holiday destinations to choose from in Spain, Santiago de Compostela is among the most popular ones. Santiago de Compostela is more than just a pilgrimage destination (being the end point of the Camino de Santiago), the city has much more to offer. It is a city with multiple contrasts of traditional and contemporary buildings, as well as being ideal for discovering Galician culture in all its splendour.

An important aspect you always need to keep in mind is that you need to choose your accommodation very carefully. An excellent option is to opt for tourist apartments in Santiago de Compostela, equipped to provide visitors with the greatest comfort. 

There are multiple companies that offer the best services in the area, which go beyond comfortable accommodations, as they include the organization of dinners, tours, relaxation options at the end of the Camino or other tailor-made services.

A car at your disposal, the best alternative

Benidorm is another favourite tourist destination for Spaniards and foreigners. Located on the Costa Blanca, this city has a wide range of leisure facilities, luxury hotels, beautiful beaches and more

An excellent alternative to fully enjoy the experience is to have a vehicle at your disposal and the best option is undoubtedly to use the services of the car hire agency Victoria Cars hire in Benidorm, which has been ranked as the best among all those existing in the area.

Victoria Cars has at its disposal a fleet of comfortable vehicles and first class customer service. It is the best alternative, as it is ideal for the tourist to have a car adapted to their needs and not be subject to conditioned or restricted mobility.

Having your own residence

If the plan is not to make a trip, but to settle or carry out any type of activity in Spain, it is very important that we are perfectly aware about the process that needs to be followed to obtain a mandatory requirement: the residence permit.

There are specialized web portals that are of great help in finding out about the whole process to be followed to obtain this visa, which can be for either a short or permanent stay. 

There are three situations in which it is possible to travel to Spain and obtain a residence permit:

Golden Visa: a Golden Visa is the permit that can be obtained when the petitioner makes an investment in Spain. Its advantage is that it is a quick and simple process.

Work visa: this is the permit needed to work in Spain.

Arraigo procedure: when a person has been living in the country irregularly for some time, he or she can apply for the arraigo social status and obtain a residence permit.

Valuable advice for an unforgettable trip

And for those who intend to travel to America, one of the most attractive countries to visit is Mexico, as it combines traditions, history, beautiful landscapes and an unique gastronomy. There are so many beautiful places in the Aztec country that lots of planning is needed to put together an itinerary that makes the most of our time.

An excellent recommendation is to count on the support of Lex Go Tour, a company with more than 10 years of experience that has become a referent and ,for many experts,  is currently the best travel and tour agency in Mexico.

Among the tours this company offers and which are highly requested by tourists are ‘Oaxaca Terrestre’, ‘Huasteca Potosina’, ‘Barrancas del Cobre’, ‘Chiapas Aéreo’ and ‘Ruta Maya’, all with multiple services (with certain variations per plan), including round flights, ground transportation, travel insurance, hotels and more.