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Starting your new life in Spain

Moving to a new country is never an easy decision. We would leave behind us everything we have always known and start a new life in a new place with a different culture. Over the last years, Spain has become a popular destination for UK expats wanting to experience something new and different. If you are looking for places in Spain for your fresh start, then we can not stop recommending you check out Costa del Sol. With warm weather and beautiful beaches, this Spanish area has everything you could wish for.

Experiencing Spain to its fullest

Spain has always attracted a lot of British tourists over the last decades, especially the southern part of the country. This Spanish region known as Andalucía is the living embodiment of Spanish folklore, with a very rich gastronomy and stunning beaches. This makes it the perfect place for your next holiday destinations, but, what if you could live there forever?

That is why many people moving to Spain from UK are choosing Costa del Sol as the destination for their new life. Costa del Sol (which name could be roughly translated as “Coast of the Sun”) is a Spanish coastal area located in the southern province of Málaga. Costa del Sol features many perks for those who decide to move into this area, some of which you will be able to find listed down below.

The weather

Costa del Sol has one of the more blessed climates in the world. This area has over 300 sunny days per year. Its proximity to the sea helps regulating the temperatures, making the area  less hot in summer and less chilly in winter. If you are looking to enjoy nice weather for the rest of your life, then Costa del Sol is a living destination you can not miss.

Sea and mountains

The best thing about Costa del Sol is its idyllic location. To the south you can find stunningly beautiful beaches bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, while on the north there are mountains full of beautiful small rural towns. 

A place well connected

One of the perks of living in Costa del Sol is how well communicated this area is with the rest of the world, which would allow you to travel easily to anywhere in the rest of Spain or to any other country. Málaga has an international airport, amazing roads and a big train station that connects it to key parts of the country. 

The service sector

Costa del Sol is a very popular tourist destination, which means that many business have moved to this area in order to attend the needs of their foreign clients. In this area you will find everything you could need, from supermarkets to colleges or restaurants, all meeting the higher standards. 

Make sure to have everything ready before moving

At this point, we all are aware of how amazing living in Costa del Sol sounds. However, moving to a new country can be a tedious and complicated process. Different countries have different law systems, which can be tricky sometimes if you are unaware of these variations. A good example of this can be seen when we attempt to buy our new home in Spain. If you want to avoid any possible problem, we recommend you contact with conveyancing solicitors beforehand. Conveyancing solicitors will help you all along the process of acquiring your new house,giving you information of all the fees you would require to pay and assisting you on finding the best options for your purchase.

After all, buying a new home is a big investment so we need to make sure that the transaction runs out smoothly and we do not find any unpleasant surprises during the process.