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The 12 most recommended blogs to travel with children (and teenagers)

Trips and children are two words that are difficult to reconcile a priori. However, thousands of couples believe that being parents does not have to prevent you from seeing the world. Quite the opposite. The little ones are a new and revulsive incentive to discover it in a different way and under a different point of view. The enormous interest in travelling with children and the particularities involved in organising such an adventure is reflected in the large number of family travel blogs that exist, some with astronomical follower figures. These are 12 of the most recommended.

The Pachinko
A veteran team of four (Pau, Vero, Teo and Oriol) that has been travelling for more than a decade through several continents. Pau is also a great chronicler and a shrewd searcher of practical topics, very useful when traveling with children. And they boast of not having given the reason to those who predicted a black future: “You have run out of good things. Now with two little ones forget to make trips”.

Travelling moms
Behind this blog is Johanna Saldón, a mother inoculated with the travel virus. I love his motto: “Time is the same for everyone, the difference is in what we do with it”. And she dedicates it to travel and education. Her training and passion for writing is reflected in this blog, full of good practical and well-written information.

My little Gulliver
Ester, the author of this blog, also threw to the ground the comments of those close to her when they learned that from two to three: “You’ve run out of trips. Not at all. Her blog is full of information to be able to plan trips at the pace of children.

The hardcore traveller
A blog that is not exclusively dedicated to children, but that pays a lot of attention to the adolescent world. Because Nani Arenas, veteran travel journalist, shows in this blog how beautiful but also complicated it is to be the mother of three teenagers and travel with them.

Families on the road
On the verge of celebrating a decade, a few years ago this blog was already a classic of travelling websites with children. Today it is a renewed project of responsible family tourism. Max, Susagna and their two children (in addition to many trips and a website full of information) manage an interesting agenda full of events, journeys, trips and camps for travelling families.

My family passport
Sandra Vicente relates in this blog her travels with her husband and her three children. She discovers hundreds of routes and trips around the world. Another of the veteran blogs (I already picked it up in the list I published in 2013) and that if it continues above is because they continue to do things well.

Some travelers
Another well-known quartet from the family blogosphere. Suzanne (of Dutch origin) together with Marcelo, Daila and Batiste form a family willing to eat the world, as they themselves say. In its pages you will find ideas and resources to spend a few days in the big city with children, as well as practical advice and interviews to explore the world as a family.

With the kids in the backpack
What began as “With the children in the backpack” is already the blog “With the children (and adolescents) in the backpack”. Time passes for everyone. And although they have exchanged the 15-litre backpack for the 50-litre one, they continue to provide activities, interesting trips to make with the children of the house and some other advice related to motherhood.

Travelling in a van
Another veteran of the family blogosphere. Loli, Mario and their daughters are on wheels because they almost always travel by van through Spain, Europe and much of the world. So it is a very interesting blog not only for those who have children, but also for the madmen of the houses on wheels.

Crazy X the trips
Mari Carmen, Gustavo and Iris have been telling each other for the past six years what it’s like to travel as a family. Their ambition: to be Phileas Fogg and be able to travel around the world. A very pampered blog, full of practical and detailed information.

Backpackers 2.0
Behind this blog is a nice Alicante family -Víctor, Mabel, Gala and Zoe- enjoying their passion for travel. They are independent travellers and in their blog they tell about the adventures and misadventures of travelling this way and with two children.

This blog was launched in 2013, after a six-month initiation trip from Tierra del Fuego to the Galapagos Islands. Myriam, Pau and their two children share their experiences in a very personal way.

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