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The best electrospinning machines designed by Bionicia

Electrospinning has become a reliable source for the production of nanomaterials over the last years. This process is imprescindible for future research investigations and a fundamental part of many production processes. 

Discovering Fluidnatek

Electrospinning is increasingly becoming an essential process for research laboratories and companies. The improvement that a industrial electrospinning machine can bring to your company’s laboratories is very significant. A company that has raised on the production of electrospinning machines over the last years is Bionicia under the brandname Fluidnatek. There is a wide range of electrospinning machines available, from pilot-scale plants to benchtop lab machines. It does not matter what your company’s needs are, Fluidnatek has you cover.

Picking the electrospinning machine that better suits your needs

Getting an electrospinning machine is an important step for any company or laboratory. Therefore, it is important to do the appropriate research in order to pick the type of industrial machine that will fit our needs better. 

If you run a small laboratory, models like the Fluidnatek LE-50 and Fluidnatek LE-10 are significantly smaller than your average electrospinning machines. This makes them perfect for small feasibility studies or for the use on laboratory bench tops. These models are very compact and lightweight, so you will have no problems finding the perfect spot to work with them. These electrospinning machines come with some very innovative features, like:

  • A removable fan for gas extraction.
  • A touch control interface adapted to be easy and intuitive at the same time.
  • A security safety interlock.
  • Exchangeable rotating collectors, so you can adapt them to your needs.
  • The machines have a Coaxial electrospinning system incorporated. 
  • The machines are CE certified and have been adapted to be UL compatible.

 From these models, the LE-50 is slightly more advanced. It includes some additional features like being compatible with AC units. The power setup has also been increased in this model so it can act as an advanced research station on its own. This device has a touch screen with multi user-level access and data logging services, making it idoneal for the use of multiple scientists’ independent investigations. It also includes an additional option that allows investigators to perform a second independent spinning process, which speeds up the process by allowing scientists to work with multiple materials at the same time.

 On the other hand, if your company has bigger production needs or your laboratory needs to effectuate more complex research tasks, a bigger electrospinning machine would be the best option. The Fluidnatek Le-100 model is especially recommended for those cases. This model has a larger experimental chamber and can include many optional features that can be personalized according to your laboratory needs. The Le-100 model can be connected to the AC system, uses revolutionary smart pressure sensors to regulate the exhaust system and has a control system that gives you complete access to all the processing parameters. This model allows the user to set up coaxial or tri-axial electrospinning configuration. The machine has up to twenty emitters available for use, which dramatically increases the level of productivity.

If you are looking to push your pilot-line production with a more advanced option, you should also check the Fluidnatek LE-500. It shares many features with the LE-100 model and it is especially designed to close the gap between pilot scale manufacture and their concept.

It does not matter what your needs regarding electrospinning are, Fluidnatek has you cover. The Fluidtek electrospinning machines have gain a great prestige on fields like the pharmaceutical, where these machines are used to create new drugs that greatly contribute into our society, like the ones especially designed to reduce the suffer from many chronic illnesses. It does not matter what your company end goal is, the versatility and top quality that Fluidtek machines offer will help you on your research process.