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The best games to play at home

2020 came full of craziness, making many of us have to spend more time at home than we are used to. But just because we have more time at our hands, it does not mean that we need to be bored while being at home. Nowadays, there is a wide selection of online games that will allow us to enjoy new experiences and adventures from the comfort of our home. Down below you will find a list with some of the best games available online.

Learn to dance from home

Learning how to dance is on many people’s pending list. But most of us never got the courage to enroll ourselves on dance lessons, and now, it is especially hard to do so since we have to keep social distancing. However, thanks to the latest advances in technology, learning how to dance from home is now very easy and enjoyable

Websites like feature a recompilation of the best dancing games online, especially games that feature Virtual Reality devices. 

VR games allow us to immerse ourselves in the game’s world. By simply putting our device on, we will feel transported right into the dancefloor. And best of all is that most of these games are didactic, so you will be able to master different dance styles by playing them. From modern pop songs to salsa and bachata lessons, you decide which dance style fits you better so you can start mastering it without having to leave home. 

The best shooter game online

When we think about online games, we think about expensive games that can be played on a PC or a video console. But thanks to the advances on mobile devices technology, amazing games are coming out available on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

If you are into the shooter, action game genre, then you will love The Captains 14 missions.  The Captains 14 missions in Play Store is a game available on the Google game store that you will be able to install on your prefered mobile device for free. Due to the genre of the game being a shooter, it is not recommended for children over 12. The 14 missions of the Captain uses the latest 3D technology to create the ultimate shooter experience.With its smooth touch control system you will be able to operate all the shooting on the most precise manner so you can fully enjoy this game. 

On this game, you will move across different trying to fulfill the mission that has been commended to you by your captain: defeat the zombies. Its wide selection of different types of arms and strategies make The Captains 14 missions in Play Store one of the best zombie survival games in the market. The 14 missions of the Captain also features an offline mode, so you do not have to worry about your internet connection while playing outside home, allowing you to play it anywhere, anytime. So download The 14 missions of the Captain today and join its 1000+ users community in this survival adventure full of amazing weapons and zombies!

Enjoy Minecraft to its fullest potential

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games in the world. Although the game was released back in 2011, its fanbase has remained loyal to this day.

Minecraft allows us to enjoy an immersive experience in a world of our own. It is a game where we could spend countless hours and never get bored. 

If you love Minecraft as much as us, then you should check Minecraft in Portugal. Minecraft dedicated websites feature all the information regarding Minecraft that you could ever need.

From tutorials, to resources, mods or skins, these type of websites have all the information you could need to experience Minecraft to its fullest potential. In the end, after you apply everything you learn online, it will feel like you are playing a different game every day.