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The best resources to make the most out of your study sessions

A well organized study session is very important if we are looking forward to learning something new or to improve our grades. The recent pandemic has forced many traditional study institutions (like schools and public libraries) to close, depriving many students from the resources they need for their studies. Thankfully, there are many online resources available online, so we can still make the best out of our study sessions from home.

Organizing your ideas with concept maps

Study sessions can be overwhelming for many people, especially those of us coursing advanced studies. Advanced studies often require students to memorize copious amounts of information, which could be tough for most people. 

Thankfully, there are easy ways to help us memorize the syllabus. The most common trick that study experts always recommend is the use of concept maps. Concept maps are a really useful way of summarizing all the information we need to memorize by writing down the main ideas behind the syllabus.

However, for a concept map to be effective, the ideas need to be organized on a clear and easy way. Thankfully, we can always use softwares to make concept maps. There are many of these type of softwares available online, and they are often very user-friendly to use. 

By creating your own concept maps, you will be able to memorize more information in an easy and effective way, making your study sessions way more productive.

Gain access to free study material

It is pretty common during study sessions for students to expand on the information they already have by checking additional resources. Traditionally, a good way to do this was to visit the local library, where we would be able to check lots of books about our subject of study for free. But due to the recent pandemic, most public libraries have been forced to close. However, we should not let this affect us. 

There are many online websites like Lectulandia that offer a wide catalogue of online books totally free of charge. It will be like visiting a public library but without having to leave your home. The books are organized by author, genre or editorial so you can easily find any type of educational material. And if you are looking for a title in specific, you can always use their search bar to find that book you are desperately in need for.

And if after visiting this website, you still find yourself in need of more reading materials, you can always check their sister website Epub libre. This website also features a lot of books that can be useful during our study sessions. These books are uploaded to the website by users like you and me, whose only goal is to help others gain access to all the information they could need online.

These websites also feature a lot of novels or comics that we can always enjoy on our leisure time once our study session is over.

Certifying your English level

English is one of the most important languages for students to master, and there is no wonder why. English is spoken by 1.268 billion speakers around the globe, making it a requirement on many learning institutions and job positions. 

However, many of these institutions will ask us to show official accreditations that certify our English proficiency. This can be easily done by taking an official IELTS exam.

The acronym IELTS stands for International English Test System. These tests are regulated by the Cambridge University and the British Council, making them one of the most prestigious accreditations in the world.

You can sign up for an IELTS exam from anywhere in the world, so you have no excuse. Add the preparation to the IELTS exam to your study sessions today, your future curriculum will thank you later.