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The best ways to take care of our health inside and outside home

We live complicated times. 2020 brought a pandemic to our lives, changing completely the way we looked at life and made us realize how important our health should always be to us. But other than the precautions towards the COVID-19 virus, there are many things we can do to improve our health, both while we are at home or at our workplace.

Keep your home free of mosquitoes

Diseases come in many ways and forms. During centuries, mosquitoes were the creatures that could be credited with spreading a big amount of illnesses to the humans they bit. 

Mosquito bites can spread a wide variety of diseases, such as Chikungunya, Zika virus, Dengue, West Nile virus, Malaria or Yellow fever. Not only can they be extremely dangerous in those rare cases, but common mosquitoes bites are known for causing discomfort and rashes on their victims. Because of this, it is only normal that many people look forward to get rid of mosquitoes in their households.

There are many ways to achieve this, but the most effective ones include:

Mosquito prevention methods

These sorts of methods are used among people that want to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes without having to harm them. These methods tend to be very economical (they can last for years), ecological (since they do not involve sprays) and efficient (they can fully prevent the presence of mosquitoes). The most common mosquito prevention method consists in placing mosquito nets on the entries to your home, such as windows and doors, as well as around your bed or baby pram. 

Wear safe working gear

Working uniforms are very important when it comes to health. Good work wear needs to meet a series of requirements to make our employees’ work safer. For example, the uniform for construction workers should always include high quality safety helmets in case an accident could happen in their workplace. Without wearing one of those, not only could a worker be injured if he received a direct hit to the head, but also his life would be at risk since the hit could be fatal.

And now, because of the pandemic, the relevance of having good quality uniforms is of especial importance when it comes to medical scrubs. Health workers work in critical conditions these days, so we need to make sure they are equipped with the best tools for their job, and the uniform is one of them. Good medical scrubs should always be resistant to liquids (such as water, blood, isode, etc), have fluid-resistance technology, as well as be resistant to other environmental factors health workers often face. 

After all, a good uniform will not only protect the health of the health worker, but also the health of the patients they work with. 

Breathe a cleaner air

The quality of the air we breathe can greatly affect our quality of life. This can easily be seen in big cities, where the air is so polluted that a big percentage of the population is developing breathing problems. To prevent this, both at home and at our workplace, it is recommended that we always have an air purifier device. 

Air carries many particles that can be damaging to our health, such as pollen or dust, but by using an air purifier like Pure and Clean, we will be breathing clean air in no time. 

Pure and Clean has one of the most advanced technology systems when it comes to air purifiers, making it the perfect acquisition for our home or office. It removes 99% of the particles that pollute the air. During this process, it removes allergens and the smoke in the air. Since it takes out the dusk that could be floating around, it also makes the cleaning of the house easier. 

Cleaner air also means that we can prevent humidity or fungus from appearing, which could be major health hazards. Plus since it removes viruses and bacteria from the air, it can help us prevent many illnesses. 

The Pure and Clean purifier is portable and does not need any installation, so you can use it wherever you go to protect your health.