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The latest innovations for your business

Recently, more and more companies have been moving towards the use of new technological systems  to increase efficiency and product quality. Keeping up with the latest software and innovations is very important, otherwise we are doomed to fall behind other companies in the sector. Thankfully, there are some resources online that will help you improve your business model.

The best payment services for you and your customers

Nowadays, for a business to be successful, it has to operate online. Internet has given many companies the opportunity to reach many customers that they would have never encounter in the physical setting, but these customers come with a big disadvantage: they are pickier. 

When shopping online, customers look out not only for the best deals, but also for a website interface that is easy to use, especially when it comes to checkouts and payment. Because of that, counting with the services of a reliable payment gateway like BigWPay is very important if we want to get ahead of our competitors. 

BigWallet Payments, or BigWPay for short, is an European based  payment service providers that also operates as payment gateway. If you are looking to start accepting online payments on your business website, BigWPay is by far the safest option. BigWPay is recommended regardless of the volume of your sales, since they make sure all their customers are safe, no matter if they are small merchants or big international sellers. 

BigWPay is one of the safest payment gateway services. Fully based and licensed in Cyprus, BigWPay is supervised by the Central Bank of Cyprus. They offer their clients full PCI DSS level 1 payment services, which guarantees the safety of cardholder data and payments. 

Internet security is something you can not overlook these days, and thanks to BigWPay, both you and your customers will be safe. 

Always keep up with the news

Business are always evolving, and it is up to us to keep up the pace if we do not want to fall behind. Although BigWPay is very useful to keep our payments safe, it is important that we are always aware of new regulations and changes in the market, and that is when their blog, Fintech Blog, comes in handy.

Fintech Blog includes everything you need to know regarding the latest news in the financial world that could affect your company. The blog is subdivided in 4 different sections in order to make it easier to browse:

  1. BigWPay Tips: make the best of your BigWPay service plan. In this section you will find useful articles about the changes in the market and how it can affect your business, as well as interesting information about international markets in case you are looking to spread your customer pool.
  2. News: this section includes the latest information about changes big companies are implementing, including BigWPay.
  3. Payments: this section includes everything you always wanted to know about payments, including how the data is processed or why certain steps of the process are so important.
  4. Security: everything you need to know to stay safe online is featured in this category. 

Make sure you use the latest software

A big part of the work that gets done in every company takes place behind a computer screen. Therefore, we need to make sure our employees’ computers are always updated. Softwares are always evolving and having the latest version will help your employees save a lot of time while increasing their productivity greatly. If you are looking to upgrade your computers’ software, we recommend you check offers at websites like Softwarepla. This website has a wide catalogue of software available and offer instant delivery on all their products key, which means you will be able to use your newly acquired software as soon as you purchase it. They are always transparent about the exact number of keys they have for sale, so you can always be sure you will get what you are paying for.