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The perfect family vacations

Usually, family vacations and relaxing holidays are considered opposite terms. Kids bring a lot of work, so often parents have to sacrifice their own comfort so their kids can have a fun experience over holidays. Thankfully, the tourism industry has been aware of this issue over the last years and alternatives have been developing, so now the whole family can enjoy themselves. 

An amazing holiday experience with your family

When you decide to go into a holiday trip with your family, you need to plan it with a lot of time ahead. It is very important to find a place that will fit all your family needs. Especially if kids are involved in the equation. Traditionally, when a family had kids, the adults had to watch over them and sacrifice their own fun. What could be a relaxing experience usually ended becoming a babysitting session in a different place, giving adults no time to relax at all. 

However, over the last years this situation has been changing. There are new luxury resorts opening their doors to our families. Resorts like Playa Mujeres Luxury Resorts include all sorts of alternatives so both, kids and adults, can have the time of their lives while staying there. 

By creating this resort, Atelier Hotels offers your family the perfect opportunity to reconnect. Kids can have fun while the adults relax without having to sacrifice anything. 

Choosing the perfect resort for your holidays

Playa Mujeres Luxury Resort is located in one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. On it, nature, beach and local art meets.  What makes this spot so unique is the innovative Playa Mujeres All Inclusive Resorts. There is something for everyone in the family. 

For kids there is Doodle Land® and the kids club, where kids up to the age of 15 can learn about things like nature, sports, cooking or technology by engaging into interactive recreational activities. Guests also have access to places like the tennis court in case they want to practice sports in family.

Adults have their fair share of fun as well. They can have romantic dinners, wine tasting sessions, motorized sports activities, etc. 

Even your pet can have its own especial moment, since they offer especial food menus and activities for our furry friends.

The suites on the resort have been designed by local mexican artists and offer all sorts of comforts for the whole family. Suites are equipped with Total Rest Beds®, which otherworldly quality will make sure you spend your holidays getting all the rest you deserve. They are also equipped with Chill Out Bath® (marble bathrooms of extreme elegance), a minibar which is replenished every day and 24 hour room service.

If you want to go out and eat with your family, there are multiple choices available within the resort for you to choose from. There are five restaurants available: a mexican one, a peruvian seafood one, an italian one, a japanese one and an international cuisine restaurant. No matter the kind of food your family enjoys, there is a place that is just perfect for you. Also, if you want to relax for a while after having your food, there are three different bars within the resort.

Art is also an important factor in this resort. Not only the suites are designed by mexican artists, but the whole resort is full of art pieces. Exhibitions are hosted across the resort day and night, and guests are invited to participate in multiple activities regarding mexican contemporary art.

The final touch of comfort to make your stay even more pleasant is brought by the use of technology. The Atelier App offers services like mobile check-in, interactive 3D experiences with the resort’s facilities and can even be used as an electronic key. 

Having the perfect family holiday is no longer an impossible dream. Placing yourself and your family in the hands of experts will assure you a vacation you will never forget and an once in a lifetime experience.