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The perks of choosing polished concrete on your business building

There are many factors we need to take care while constructing any kind of establishment or industrial building, and one that we can never overlook is the floor. We need to make sure we use a flooring material that is able to resist the intense activity over a long period of time, all while looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Thankfully, there is a material that perfectly meets these requirements: polished concrete.

Everything you should know about polished concrete

You have probably already heard someone talking about polished concrete and all the hype around this material, but, what exactly is polished concrete, and why should you choose it over other types of flooring for your business building? 

We are all familiar with traditional concrete, after all, it is a material that has been used during centuries in the construction of structures across the world. But it is very important to note that concrete can also be used on floors. By using abrasive pads in the surface of the concrete floor during a process of polishing and grinding, we can give it a smooth finish. Then we finish by sealing the surface using a penetrative or superficial sealer. The resulting floor is known as polished concrete.

Polished concrete presents many advantages when compared to other types of flooring, such as:

  • A high gloss finish that makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • It is highly resistant to machinery traffic
  • A dense and hard surface that will resist heavy activity over long periods of time.
  • It is very easy to maintain, a small investment in polished concrete will last you for decades. 

On top of that, colours can be added during the trowelling phase to get an original and unique final result that will help your business to differentiate itself from your competitors’.

Polished concrete is an excellent type of flooring that will exceed all your expectations in any type of building. Because of that, it is already used in large warehouses, logistics centres, industrial facilities, car parks, retail stores, shopping centres, office buildings, hotels and restaurants, showrooms, etc. No matter the kind of business you are planning to run, polished concrete will always be the perfect fit for your flooring

Recovering your damaged concrete floors

Polished concrete is widely used in buildings across the world thanks to its highly resistant qualities that make it able to resist the pass of time in great conditions. However, sometimes we may encounter damaged polished concrete floors. There are a lot of things that may end up causing this, such as low quality of materials used, poor quality of application and techniques during the installation, or perhaps it just has not been properly maintained. Whatever the cause of the damage may be, we will be able to get it back to its optimal state using a dry concrete polishing process.

When done correctly, dry concrete polishing can bring the life back to your flooring. To dry polish your concrete floor, the following steps need to be taken to ensure an optimal final result: 

  1. First, we need to assess the condition of the floor and prepare it for the polishing. We will need to seal the cracks and repair any localized damage that we may encounter. If unevenness was presented on the flooring, it would also be solved before starting with the dry concrete polishing.
  2. Then, the polishing process will start. With an intensive mechanical abrasion the surface will be ridden of irregularities
  3. All the previous coatings will be removed.
  4. Advanced machinery will apply the polishing, leaving the floor in pristine conditions

When it comes to concrete, dry polishing is a method often preferred since it is highly effective and cleaner than wet treatments, therefore, it can be carried in a smaller frame of time

Thanks to the dry concrete polishing process, you will have your floors like new in no time, which will allow you to resume your business activity back to normal as soon as possible.