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The simple trick to save 220 € per month when shopping at the supermarket

Horror when it comes to shopping is a challenge for anyone who multiplies when you buy products for an entire family. There are apps to reduce spending and from La Información we have presented the keys and tips for not overspending. Now, the American blogger Erin Chase reveals the trick that made her reduce her monthly bill in the supermarket by 220 euros.

“You can cancel cable TV and switch to Netflix, but if you really need extra money, cut costs in your cupboard and fridge. This is the statement that presides over the blog of this natural of San Antonio, 5$ Dinners, which has become a reference with thousands of users subscribed to its weekly newsletters, cooking plans and online recipe books.

Currently, Chase does not make any dishes for her family (husband and four children) that cost more than five dollars (4.41 euros), but there was a time in her life when the shopping list was denting her family’s economy.

During the crisis years, the financial situation in the family was tough, causing the need to save. Chase spent an average of 500 dollars (440 euros) a month on food, so he decided to put a snip in his monthly budget.

Getting it wasn’t easy at all. Chase spent months searching for the formula of buying discounted products and creating new meal plans… and after making all possible calculations he realized that one of his measures had had an immediate effect: he refused to buy meat that was not on offer.

Meat is one of the most expensive foods and is usually a source of protein, but protein is also found in many other products: “When you refine your aim when buying meat by doing so only with discounted prices, significant savings are produced immediately.

But at what price is it profitable to buy meat? The blogger established that an affordable price is around 5 euros per kilogram, taking into account that in Spain this ranges between 4.60 euros and 15, with an average of 9 euros according to the web Statista.

After purchasing the cheap meat, Chase recommends buying it in high quantities and freezing it for fast food later when necessary.

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