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Useful internet services you can access online

The Internet brought a big revolution to our lives, completely changing the way we looked at life and performed even the most mundane tasks. Nowadays, everything you could imagine can be done or found on the internet. From downloading a word processing software, to creating your own webpage or even finding that mobile phone you thought was lost forever, everything can be done thanks to the internet. 

Microsoft Word: the most important word processing software in the world

Microsoft Word is the most renowned word processor in the world. Published by Microsoft, since 1993 this processor has been used by a vast majority of pc users to create professional quality documents, like letters, reports or even curriculums. Microsoft Word has a very user-friendly interface, making that even beginners can use it to its fullest potential. It can be run on Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple macOS, Apple iOS and Linux (as long as you use WINE).

Microsoft Word is included in a package known as Microsoft Office, which as many of us already know, sadly is not free. However, there are many websites that allow you to download Microsoft Word for free, so you can try the software for as long as you need before deciding to make the purchase. These websites include easy to follow instructions for the download, so no one ends up missing on the wonders of Microsoft Word. 

Keeping your website up to date

For many businesses, their website is their window to the world, the tool by which they can promote their products, prices and services by reaching potential customers. However, many businesses make the mistake of keeping their website not up to date, making them lose a lot of potential revenue. 

Website redesign cost can vary depending on the company you decide to hire (with prices ranging from $300 to $100000), however, if we do our research, we will be able to find professionals that will assist us at a decent price. Website redesign is a small investment that will substantially increase our business revenue. Studies suggest that websites have a shelf life that can fluctuate from 18 months to 2 years and a half. After this time, a website is generally so not-up-to-date that it no longer fulfils its duty, 

Another thing we need to always keep into account when it comes to our website is its maintenance. A website that has not been maintained properly can have a host of problems awaiting repair, like outdated technology, reduced design quality, site outages, slow performance or even SEO problems. Website maintenance cost can range from $10 to $3000, including costs like the domain registration, website hosting, the website content, the design updates, website security and the technical support. Website maintenance may seem like a boring task, but it is a must if we want to keep our website afloat. 

Finding your missing phone 

For many of us, missing our smartphone sounds like a complete nightmare. In this day and era, smartphones are an important tool that keeps us connected with the world, and in it, we tend to hold important information as well as priceless data like photographs. Because of that, missing our phone, either because we lost it or because it was stolen, would bring many of us into a frantic panic. However, it is very important that in this sort of situation we keep a cool head and remain calm. Thankfully, there are many websites with lots of information that will teach you how to track a mobile phone. Mobile phones can be tracked thanks to their GPS function (therefore, it is very important that we always keep this function active in our phone). The main platforms like Google, Android or Apple have their own platform where you will be able to locate your mobile phone using its GPS. In only a few minutes you will be able to know where your mobile phone is, being able to either go and retrieve it yourself, or contact the proper authorities in case it was stolen.