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Where to find the ideal retreat? The Inspyria platform has the solution

There’s nothing like withdrawing from the world for a moment, forgetting about things like work and taking some time for yourself. Spiritual retreats are an ideal way to get that much-needed break, healing both mind and spirit.

Today’s world and all the responsibilities that come with living in it make it impossible for many to achieve a full, relaxed and satisfying lifestyle. Today’s hectic and fast pace of work often produces large amounts of stress in people, which ends up wearing them down significantly.

As such, a break is necessary not only to remain productive, but also to feel good about oneself and maintain an adequate state of mental health. This is especially important in the current Covid-19 crisis, which is another factor why people feel so worn out these days.

One way to get proper rest, disconnecting from the world, focusing on one’s own well-being, is through spiritual retreats. It is a set of activities over several days, allowing one to connect with oneself and with nature.

There are platforms that help you find the best retreat near you without much effort, one of the most effective and user-friendly is Inspyria. You only need to visit the site for a few minutes to see its extensive catalogue, which is divided into many categories including: yoga retreats, personal growth, travel, meditation, detox, training, silence, fasting, tantra, ayurveda, biodance, Buddhist, creativity, coaching, Reiki, Pilates, with a pet, adventure, anti-stress, temazcal, shamanism, therapeutic theatre, spa and many more.

There are also Inspyria retreats classified by area, covering many cities in Spain and other countries in Europe and other continents.

Inspyria Retreats  translate into the perfect alternative for those looking to forget their worries for a few days. They are ideal activities to rest effectively, recover energy and discover a bit of ourselves, all of which are necessary to face daily life in a positive way.

Learning effective relaxation techniques

There are several companies that offer different retreats for different types of people, but they all have the same benefits: elimination of stress, learning relaxing techniques (both yoga and mindfulness), all in a different environment, away from the big cities. 

There are so many interesting retreats that it can be difficult to choose just one. To solve this there is Inspyria, the platform’s mission is to catalogue the best quality retreats and place them on the site, so that you can explore the characteristics of each one and pick the best one.

The portal is quite simple to use: to find the ideal retreat you need to filter the catalogue (you can use filters based on location, type of retreat, duration, price, among others), and add the ones that catch your eye to the site’s list. 

The list allows you to compare the chosen retreats in order to make a decision and select the one that best suits your needs and tastes. The total process takes no more than 10 minutes, making it a fairly quick and easy option.

Once the retreat has been picked, there is nothing left to do but wait for the date, go to the place and enjoy an unforgettable experience. These kinds of group retreats are a great way to connect with both the external and the internal, thus achieving a state of full relaxation. They are activities in which special attention is given to self-introspection and well-being.

Many retreats are held in the midst of nature, which is even more beneficial for mental well-being. There is nothing better than spending a few days in the forest or in the snow, appreciating the beauty of the world and forgetting about the problems of everyday life, for how important can they be in the face of the majesty of nature?

It is important to mention that the retreats published on Inspyria must fully comply with Covid-19 safety protocols, to ensure an experience free of contagions and worries, and to return home completely revitalized and relaxed.