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Working hard to improve your singing skills

Singing is a form of art that requires a lot of practice and effort. Although many people think that it is all about natural talent, the best voices of our era trained hard in order to reach that level. Finding an expert to guide you on your singing path is key to help your voice reach its true maximum potential.

Finding the best singing teachers

Being a good at singing requires a lot of hours of practice and intense training. In the singing world, natural talent without skill means nothing. Although for many people singing is just a pastime, for others it is a way of life and a dream to pursue. 

It is always important to reach out for the help of professionals when we want to get into a new field. Professional singing teachers can help us reach our voice’s maximum potential. Among the singing teacher scene, there is a professional whose name has been resonating over the past years: Isabel Villagar, international online vocal coach (website with english translator).

Isabel Villagar has devoted her entire career to the music. She teaches students from all around the world how to improve their singing skills. You can attend her courses in either online or presential modality. During her online lessons she usually resolves doubts about the following singing questions:

  • The type of personalized training lessons you should follow in order to get the best result within your vocal range.
  • Help picking your personal selection of songs in order to make sure you pick the ones that would let your true talent shine. She also provides the students with a technical analysis of their repertory so they can be aware of their strong and weak points.
  • Help with studying music. Isabel assists her students on the preparation of regular  exams and civil service exams. She also provides multiple online resources to facilitate the studying process.
  • Professional orientation. Isabel Villagar helps her students to pick their career paths within the industry, helps them organizing the schedules for their concerts, etc
  • Help with castings. She will assist you while preparing for the castings, choosing the perfect song for them, helping you with the recording of the songs, etc. 

Over the years, hundreds of students from all the world have study under Isabel Villagar’s mentorship. Many of her students ended up reaching their dreams and can now live out of the music industry. 

A teacher with the best qualifications

The reason why Isabel Villagar teaching lessons are so successful is because her expertise is based in scientific knowledge about vocal pedagogy. She studied to become a Technical Engineer, learned piano, vocal theory and music pedagogy.  Afterwards she got a Postgraduate Diploma in Singing. She extended her studies internationally, studying courses across Europe with professionals in the industry like Montserrat Caballé or Luciana Serra. Her hard work earned her multiple scholarships in her home country, Spain, and in Germany. 

All this hard work paid off and helped her gather the knowledge needed to become one of the most respected singing teachers in the world. 

An opportunity to shine

Isabel Villagar compromise with music goes beyond the teaching scene. She also manages the blog La Brújula del Canto where she writes about all sorts of topics related to music and singing.  One of the many things this blog provides to his readers is the possibility of participating in a international online free singing contest. This contest is hosted on a bimonthly basis. By participating on it you get the chance of getting your singing skills judged by international experts on the field, from famous singers to notorious compositors among others. 

People interested in participate need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Any form of group (soloists, a cappella members, groups, etc) can participate. The music genre you perform in or your age does not matter.
  • Send a video of you singing with at least 1000 views on Youtube. 
  • Fill a formulary with questions related to your passion for music.

Participating in this contest is totally free of charge, so no matter the outcome, you will leave with more experience.