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Your guide to all the great features that come with a virtual call centre

Whether that communication is internal or external to your customers, by telephone, automated calls, email, SMS or fax, it is vital that every effort is made to make that communication as open and easy as possible so as to avoid any potential blockers to delivering your services. 

Communication is one of the most vital aspects of running a successful business. Of course over the years, companies have invested huge amounts of money in call centre software, switchboards, server space and maintenance. These systems were the lifeblood of the company, but cost a fortune and it was prohibitive when trying to keep up with the latest modern developments. 

But the world is changing and a new breed of call centre software is making businesses more efficient and bringing costs down. This software is hosted virtually and brings with it a whole raft of both traditional and new features to support your business activities. And the best part – there is no initial major investment cost needed and no requirement for a permanent contract. 

A virtual switchboard offers maximum flexibility

With no hardwear investment needed, all you actually need to be able to use the virtual pbx service is a decent internet connection. Everything is controlled through a simple to use control panel accessible online. 

It even integrates easily with mobile phones, and offers the ability to send virtual faxes by Internet, do automatic redials, call international numbers, and operate a Call Me Back feature. 

Having full control over the set up, gives a call centre the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations on the call centre floor. You can adapt instantly the call forwarding, the call queue service and the routing through the VOIP, as well as update the welcome messages. 

Not only this there are a whole range of features includes as standard, such as using telemarketing surveys, conducting monitoring procedure to understand the quality of calls and being able to manage the IVR and track the analytics of your call volumes. 

Only pay for what you need

The fact there is no high installation and set up costs that usually come with the implementation of on premise call centres and hardware provision, is great for businesses that want to keep a firm grip on the bottom line. But in addition to this, with a virtual service you only actually pay for what you need. The licences can be tailored to the number of users, and the number of lines. So you don’t waste any money. 

The same applies to the features. Rather than paying a higher cost to end up with features that aren’t right for your operating model, you can also tailor the additional bolt ons to build a bespoke package. This includes features like call recording, call me back functions, virtual faxes and sending SMS. 

Combining the virtual switchboard with call centre software is the smart move

If you really want to stay ahead of the game when it comes to managing your call centre technology then the best move is to combine all the elements together in the cloud. 

By adding in call centre software you can gain access to some great additional, and practical features that will make the lives of your call centre agents much easier. By removing the complexity and reducing the time spent on non-value added tasks you will see a rise in productivity as you teams are able to do what they do best, make sales and deliver exceptional customer service. 

You can take advantage of WebRTC for internet calling, switch to video calls, use the progressive and predictive dialler for outbound and even set up customisable scripts and sync with Google calendar.